Tuesday, June 28, 2011

timeline of paxton's birth

5:45am: woke up and heard a little pop as my water broke (not a gush but more of a steady leak).

6:30am: mother in law wakes up and i calmly ask if she can drive me to the hospital in 10 minutes because i think i am in labor.  i call james at work (he was supposed to get off at 8am) twice and text him twice saying "IN LABOR, GOING TO THE HOSPITAL" and get no response.

7:00am: arrive at hospital (father in law stays home with parker).  call the main fire station line and ask if james is around and what do you know, he is but did not have his phone on him, ahhh!!  (in his defense he had carried it around with him at the fire station 24/7 for the last four shifts and thought he was almost home free with only an hour left of work.

7:15 check into room.  dilated to a 4 (i was at a 3-4 earlier that week at my dr. appt).  request epidural asap.

7:45am: at last james arrives!  hospital spelled my name wrong on the id bracelet and has to redo blood work, delaying the epidural.  i try not to be upset and get some fetunol through my iv.

8:15am: still no sign of anesthesiologist.  i beg james to go into the hallway and ask the nurses every 5 minutes where he is until i get the drugs.  nurses tell james they have paged the anesthesiologist twice and can't find him (typical!)

9:00am: finally receive the best thing ever during labor: epidural medicine. life is good.  pre and post epidural silvy's are two totally different women.  i now relax, do my makeup, and invite my inlaws and parker into the room.

11:45am: nurse checks me and i am at a 9 3/4!!  i specifically asked for no pitocin after the epidural and am so happy that i still progressed and the baby's heart beat remained strong after the epi.  all family leaves the room except for james.

12:05am: i start pushing and after 15 minutes dr. informs me i need an episiotomy again.

12:21pm: paxton enters the world!  9lbs 8ounces of pure, sweet boy! 
i hoped labor with #2 would be faster and easier than the first labor and it certainly was (6 hrs. vs. 18 hrs. with parker)!  i am incredibly thankful for lil' paxton's health, my health, the extremely smooth delivery, the timing of everything (that is a whole story in itself).  God worked out every single detail and i am overjoyed with our little blessing and family of 4.  until next time, love you all!!

pax and parker on their birthdays two years apart!!