Friday, July 22, 2011

day in the life: wednesday

well i am still trucking along with the blog posts, even if they are a few days late.  sometimes i feel like you have to make a choice to either live your life or blog about it, and most days i would rather live it (although some people have the super human power to do both well).  i just can't keep up with the internet and real life.

wednesday was another full day.  james stayed home with paxton in the morning so i could hang out with my friend brittney and her little boys at boingo bounce in fayetteville!  the lil' guys had a great time (and the rest of nwa did as well, as there were probably 100+ people crowded into the place).  parker and jack:
i am thankful james is so willing to stay home with the baby so i can get out.  i simply pumped a bottle before i left and was free for 3 hours!  staying home with paxton is pretty easy right now as he is sleeping so much and a very calm baby.  these little two year olds on the other hand--calm is not the first word that comes to mind :).  i tried to get them to pose for a photo in the bounce house but they were too busy running around.
here we are with our 2 and under crowd.  i can't wait until the boys grow up and we can do even more fun activities together with the taylors!
we grabbed lunch on the way home from tropical smoothie cafe (love it!) and then this little guy passed out for 3 1/2 hours (love that as well).  parks is still sleeping in his crib and has not yet tried to crawl out so i'm going to leave him in there as long as possible.
while p was sleeping, we got two packages in the mail!  i love getting mail and packages--it is one of the highlights of my day.

a couple of work friends sent this harry and david fruit basket and my cousin sent some aden & anais swaddle blankets.  i have never tried them before, but they are soft and breathable--perfect for summer!
next james and i had another discussion about cars.  as i've mentioned in previous posts, we've been saving and looking at cars for several years now.  i was pretty set on getting a big, fancy suv, but as the price of gas keeps rising, my desire for a gas guzzling vehicle drops.  

james is very frugal, and in an effort to convince me not to want an suv, he put together this suze ortman-ish cost comparison of how much an suv vs. sedan would cost both initially and over the span of 8 years.  i have to admit it kind of worked, and i am thankful for having a practical husband who wants to use our money wisely.  while i don't think there is wrong with getting a nice suv, we have decided it is not the best use of our money right now.

it is a little ironic that behind this whiteboard is a "simplify" sign in my kitchen.  for me, having a loaded suv would be very cool and fun, but is frivolous.  i don't want to live an overly lavish life and would rather people know me as a simple and content person than a flashy or cool person.     
  i am very excited that parker is now officially registered for his first team sport!!  this fall, he is playing in a 2.5 yr old soccer league!  they have instructionals for 30 minutes each sunday afternoon and 3 on 3 games immediately following.  i hope parker likes it and has fun!  james thinks there is no question that parker will like it with how outgoing and full of energy p is, but you never  know.  

in preparation of the upcoming season, we bought soccer cleats and shin guards at academy:

as if that wasn't enough for one day, my friends were all going out to noodles for kids eat free, so parker and i joined them and james stayed home with pax again.  i felt a little guilty leaving pax with james so much, but james encourages me to always go out with my friends (if for no other reason than he gets a free golf card to play whenever i go out :)).

i did not take a picture of the group because i was a little pictured out and our group of 6 moms and 10 kids was enough of a zoo without photos.  until tomorrow, love you all and hope everyone is having a great friday!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

day in the life: tuesday

tuesday was another relaxing day in the kehrli household.  james got off work (and got to sleep at the firestation from 10:30pm-6:30am with no calls!!  this doesn't happen very much any more now that he is driving the busiest ambulance in town).  he is on a golf kick right now, so he went golfing with a work friend right after his shift and i dropped parker off at "school" (kids day out).

though i am thankful for the break when parker goes to school, i don't like his summer kdo program as much as the fall one...this one is 8am-2pm and it just seems too long and more of a daycare than a school.  the summer kdo also naps him (he often doesn't nap but just sits there for 45 minutes) and it throws off his whole routine.

thankfully parker came home yesterday and napped from 2-5pm (his normal nap length).  here is a sweet picture of pax going with me to drop of the parkerman:

during paxton's morning nap i did a little online shopping and tried to get all of our insurance/billing stuff figured out.  we still don't have all of the bills from paxton's birth and they already messed up 2 of the claims, so i've been calling blue cross a lot.

i also edited a few pictures since my 30 day free lightroom trial was ending.  i decided to buy it, but in the mean time all pictures will be straight out of the camera.  LOVE this picture of james and paxton.

my friends gave me a subscription to birch box after pax's arrival.  it is a sweet service that sends samples of quality beauty products every month.  this month one of the samples was purity facewash by philosophy.  i've enjoyed it so much that i decided to order the full size bottle.  it's amazing how much more online shopping i do now that i have little is sooo much easier to shop from the computer!

for lunch, i met up with my boss and our vp at crabby's to "check in."  i love crabby's lunch menu and waffle fries!
last, we took a family trip to the pool.  i am amazed at how brave and (overly) confident parker is in the water.  he has no fear of going under or jumping off of the side.  james is doing a great job teaching him how to swim, so i don't think we'll even have to do lessons.

 for the first time since pax was born, i got in the pool!!  the water never felt better.

(pax slept in his carseat the whole time).  love summer and family time!!
 sweet dreams.  love you all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a day in the life...

a peek into a day in the kehrli home...if i am lucky i might turn this into a week in the life of the kehrli's, but we will see :)

we wake up around 7am.  james leaves for work (1 out of every 3 days) and parker and i eat half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  yesterday i decided to give parks milk in a big boy glass since our sippy cups were all in the dishwasher.
i stepped out of the room to change happy lil' paxton
when i came back in the room, this is what i found.  guilty.
thankfully my neighbor gretchen watches parker 1 day a week (and some other neighborhood kids) so i can spend quality time with pax and get some stuff done around the house while james is at work.  today was his day to go over there :).

i checked my email, printed off a few recently purchased living social/nwa deal piggy coupon's and our training schedule for the St. Louis Rock 'n' Roll half marathon in October!  to be clear--i am by no means an avid runner.  i am hoping to finish the half, whether i walk or run it.  5 of my neighbors and i are going to train for it together to help lose our post-pregnancy weight.`
after pax woke up from his nap, i nursed him and spent a good hour of quality time just staring at him.  he is so beautiful i couldn't help but get out my camera and snap a few pictures.  it was one of the most peaceful days i have had in a long time--nothing to do but just spend time bonding with my little guy.
how can you not loving looking at this sweet face?  i am so thankful to have healthy lil' boys and be a mother.
at 5:30, several of the neighbors and their kids came over for make your own pizza night.  i bought crusts, sauce and cheese and everyone brought over their favorite toppings.  all of our husbands were either at work or out of town for the night so it was nice fellowship, albeit a little crazy with so many kids. 
it is a blessing to be part of a neighborhood where everyone is friends.  i am so thankful to have these moms in my life.  whenever we are done hanging out, they always help clean the kitchen and pick up toys so the host does not have to do it--so helpful.
that was our monday.  we'll see what today brings :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

3 more weeks

i can't swim until july 28th (6 weeks postpartum) and it is killing me!!!  good thing i have a husband who is home every 2 out of 3 days and took 3 weeks off after paxton was born to help out.  love these two pool monsters!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


one of my goals during my 3 months off is to blog more, even if it is just a photo a day.  parker is such a good big brother and i am proud of the little man he is becoming.  love you, munchkin!!