Friday, July 26, 2013

Payton's Birth

First, I am so thankful everything went well with Payton's birth and that I got to have him in the water.  Although there were several bumps along the road (gestational diabetes, a husband who did not want to do a water birth, the new Birth Center of NWA not being in-network for insurance, labor not progressing, uncertainty about if I could endure the pain, etc).  The experience was very positive, and I think having Payton in the water naturally was such a sweet, healthy way to bring him into the world.  After months of arguing, the water birth experience brought James and I together and ultimately strengthened our relationship.  James was such a great coach, encourager, and support throughout labor, and there is no one else I would've rather had by my side.
9:45am--After walking two miles at the gym, I feel my underwear and shorts get wet as I sit down in the car. Think my water might've just broken, but am unsure as I am only 38 weeks and it wasn't that much water.  Decide I probably just peed my pants.

10:00--Drive through Chick-Fila for a mid-morning snack.

10:15--Arrive at JumpZone. I promised the kids we'd go and it's Winning Wednesday!

10:30--Call James at work.  No answer. Thankfully he texts:
  • James: We're in a big meeting.  Everything okay?
  • Silvy: Yes, don't leave your meeting, but I'm not sure if my water just broke or if I peed my pants.
  • James: Okay.  How are you feeling?
  • Silvy: Fine, not feeling any contractions.  At JumpZone with the kids.
  • James: You probably just peed your pants.  Keep me updated if you need anything...

12:30pm--Arrive home after winning 8 free jump passes and take the boys upstairs for naps.  Have to change my underwear 3 times, but yet still no contractions.  Ask my next door neighbor Shalini to come help with the kids.  She insists (thank goodness) that I ask James to come home from work and take me to the hospital.  Call James and for some reason, I am still not fully convinced I'm in labor (even though my water broke at home like this with all 3 boys).

12:45--Shalini and Jennifer come over and help me pack the car and get the boys asleep.

1:15--James gets home and off we go to Mercy.  The hospital checks me in and confirms my water is fully broken.

1:30--Dilated to a 3 (was a 2 at my appt Monday).  James airs up the water birth tub.

2:00--Call family.  My mom and her husband leave Kansas to come help with the kids.

3:00--Walk, walk, walk around the hospital.  Contractions are not painful and are 7-8 minutes apart.  James goes to Bliss Cupcakes to get a treat for the nurses and were they ever nice to us after that!

5:30--Dilated to a 4 and the baby dropped to a 0.  No effacement :(.  Nurses want a contraction strip at the top of every hour for 20 minutes and then I can move freely for the next 40 minutes. Still no pain so I ask James to do my makeup (it's the only time in life he'll do it :)).  Kill more time by straightening my hair.
7:00--Watch Big Brother.  Eat a delicious Vanilla Bliss Cupcake while my nurses are gone...and maybe a Chicken Bacon Ranch Subway sandwich.

9:30--Dr. comes back.  Dilated to a 4.5.  Not progressing as fast as I should.  Dr. lays out critical times: 18 hours (3:45am)--antibiotics necessary, 24 hours (9:45am)--start pitocin and call off water birth.  Not totally discouraged yet...labor has to pick up soon, right?

10:00--Walk, walk, walk more.  Do sets of 10 squats at the end of each hall (probably did 300-400 squats).  James finds a wheel chair to scoot around in behind me because he is "tired of walking."

12:00am--James makes a Taco Bell run.  Can't resist sneaking a chicken chalupa--need energy to push, right?

1:00--still a 4.5.  Start getting frustrated.  Nurses tell James and me to lay down and try to sleep.  One minute later, James is asleep.  I can't rest or sleep to save my life, and laying down is not comfortable.  Contractions still 7 min apart and not regular.

2:30--cry my first tear.  Only 7 more hours until I can't have a water birth and all of our birth plans go down the drain.  Don't want pitocin, but have tried everything to speed up labor and nothing is working.

3:00--decide to wake James up and ask him to walk with me more. 

3:30--FINALLY, contractions are picking up (about 4-5 min apart) and are painful.  I've never been so excited to be in pain in my life.  Walk around and squat through every contraction as James provides counter pressure on my hips.  Ask nurses if I can get in the water and surprisingly Dr. Johnson says yes!  Get antibiotics to prevent infection as it's been 18 hours since my water broke.  Start filling up the birth pool!

4:15--Get in birth pool!  I didn't pay money to rent the tub for nothing!  Contractions get stronger.  Decide leaning over the side of the tub on my knees is the best way to endure the pain.
5:30--Dilated to a 7!  Progress!  Call Dr. to tell him to come to hospital.

6:09--Dr. arrives.  Checks and announces there is no cervix left.  Asks if I am feeling the urge to push (yes, kind of), so suggests a trial push on the next contraction.

6:11--Dr. tells James we should have a baby within the next two contractions (which are about a minute apart now).  No time to get the video camera is coming!

6:16am--Out slides Payton!  7lbs, 15oz, 21 inches of calm baby.  En route to placing him on my chest, his umbilical chord snaps and spews blood everywhere, including all over the Dr's face.  Yuck.  Get to nurse him and hangout over an hour until James and I call the nurses to come get him because we are falling asleep holding him.  Praise God for another healthy boy!  Overwhelmed with thankfulness.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

family update

it's been forever.  first and foremost, we are very excited for BABY BOY KEHRLI #3 to arrive next july!  pregnancy always hits me hardest in the first trimester.  between chasing my two lil' crazies all day and the usual pregnancy exhaustion, i went to bed between 8-9pm and took a nap most days november - january.  i still take naps about every other day, but thankfully i've had more energy and less nausea these past two months.

the boys are doing well.  parker is learning at rapid speed and i love seeing him master new feats like sight words and writing his name.  he is a great listener and picks up on many things even when he doesn't seem to be paying attention (the 3 year old boy is full of energy!).  he comes home from kids day out full of stories about everything from a classmate getting in trouble for bringing a peanut butter sandwich (and trying to hide the peanut butter under the jelly!) to Bible stories he remembers in great detail from chapel.

paxton is my little stinker.  he has the sweetest smile and loves to cuddle, but boy he can be trouble!  his favorite word is "no" and several of his teachers mentioned they've never heard a kid say no so much.  ha!  it's become a game for him to say no to everything and smile so slyly.  he is very brave and wants to do everything big brother (bubba) is doing from playing soccer to climbing up the tall tower at chick fila. 

i love watching the boys interact and hope they continue to be best friends as they grow up. 

james is still enjoying working at the fire department and is taking prereq. classes right now for paramedic school that starts in may.  next year will be tough on our family with a newborn and james being in school full time on top of working 56 hours a week, but if we can make it through the year we should be able to make it through anything!

other than that, i am loving staying at home and teaching part time.  i picked up an extra class(financial management), which has been a joy to teach.  i am looking forward to summer and sitting outside with my neighbor watching the kids play until bedtime.  love you all and hope you have a wonderful weekend!!