Saturday, August 29, 2009

parker the staff brat

dear parker,
here you are at your home away from home: el campimento de war eagle. it is truly a gorgeous place! these pictures were taken a good three months ago on your first visit, but we are sure to take many more in the years to come. (and no, dad is not choking you in the picture, promise)
you are what we affectionately term a "staff brat." definition: the spoiled child of a camp director who gets a big head because he is known by hundreds of people at camp and therefore thinks he rules camp. i can already tell you will have no problem fitting this label.
you are a member of the mighty osage tribe. stand loud and proud. and get ready to fight against your new best friend, little jack taylor, the caddo enemy. you will forever compete against one another. next retreat i will take pictures of you in more places around camp. until then, muah! loves.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


when i came home from work today, i was blown away to see the entire house cleaned. not just things put away, but swept, mopped, organized, new pictures hung on the wall (and parker's name, finally!!) and there were peanut butter balls in the fridge. i love, love, love my husband (who hates cleaning). apparently all of james' hard work wore him out because he fell asleep at 9:28pm.

off to camp again this weekend. fellowship's junior high is coming out for a high energy retreat. shall be a grand ole' time! love yall.

p.s. my signature officially sucks. until i can figure out how to make a new, transparent one that is smaller and doesn't have a box around it, i'm going back to nothing.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

video: sitting up

tomorrow james and i are hosting a fantasy football draft party for my office, so i need to get the house and food ready, but in the meantime, here is parker working on sitting up. he still has a long way to go, but it is oh so cute to watch him practice and tumble over. love yall.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009


my post disappeared :(. i think it is a sign that i should go to bed. maybe tomorrow i will rewrite it, but for now here is a video of parker in his new jumperoo...

p.s. my sis is narrating the video. she sounds exactly like me, ha.

p.p.s. do you know how many videos there are on youtube of babies jumping in their rainforest jumperoos?!?

Friday, August 21, 2009

baby shower share time

no time today (what's new). here are a couple of pics from one of my showers. i love babies and hosting parties and can't wait to host more baby showers for my friends.

we didn't find out if we were having a boy or girl...
most delicious cake ever. thank you southern living.
love yall!!!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

on the lighter side...

one of my best friends, brittney, had her baby boy last night (she called me while in labor to tell me that she wouldn't be meeting me for dinner on wednesday, haha)! i went on my lunch break to see him today and parker and i baked cookies and went back tonight. i am fully expecting parker and jack to be best friends! (although they will always have to compete against each other at camp war eagle because they are different tribes). brittney and greg are going to be amazing parents. they had been trying for a baby when james and i got pregnant, and they fervently prayed every single day for parker before he was born. james and i have been doing the same for baby jack. he is here!! and healthy! and so little compared to parker. *i want a newborn--watchout james.* man i forgot how teeny they are when they are born. i just wanted to snuggle baby jack and take him home. i can't believe how much my attitude towards babies has changed in the past year. oh i am so happy for them that jack is healthy and doing well.

since i didn't have my camera tonight, i'll share a couple short videos my friend matt and i made last weekend at camp war eagle (james is still the director of groups and retreats so we go out there on many weekends--love it!).

i have more including a good wipeout by matt, but i am very much an amateur video producer and am still learning how to splice the videos together and add music & special affects. for now this is all you get:

love yall!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

wake up, mom!

thank you all for the sweet comments! i am way behind on life right now (we had friends here for the weekend and family coming in town tomorrow-friday and then more family fri-sun). things are crazy, but good. anyway, i tried to catch up on sleep this weekend and this is what happened. thanks parks :).

love yall!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009


it's friday at kelly's korner. this week's theme is share your fav. vacation spot. i don't know that i have a favorite, but i loved going to ecuador last fall (even though i was in the first trimester of pregnancy and threw up every night). here is our travel group (james' brother and best friend from high school and their now ex-girlfriends). both of the girls have all of the pictures from the trip (i didn't take many with my camera since i was sick and yucko, but i am too scared to message them and ask for the pictures since the breakups weren't too pretty. oh well, still a great trip!

oh and what made the trip so wonderful is that ecuador is james' home. he moved there when he was 7 and stayed until college. this trip was special for him and i learned more about him throughout the 9 days.
james' high school basketball court at the alliance academy
mitad del mundo (middle of the earth) on the equatorwe took fourwheelers & motorcycles through the jungle at banjos
the gorgeous beach!!

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entertainment for the day

this is how james and i keep ourselves entertained these days...

CONGRATS TO LAURA AND NEIL ON THEIR 2ND BABY GIRL!!! daisy kate gowan. so presh. love yall.

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(someday i'll figure out how to make the background of my sig. transparent, but no time today...)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

our little mobile creature

although it was james' goal to have parker walking by 4 months, that didn't exactly happen. parker is still v. immobile EXCEPT in the pool! with the cute little floatie that our neighbor gave us, parker pushes off the bottom of the baby pool and cruises around. it is quite a site! he is completely entertained swimming laps around the pool for 20+ minutes. go parks.
sometimes parker runs himself into walls. he hasn't quite figured out how to backpedal yet.chillin.
i love weekends. i love parker. i love james and our family and friends. i pretty much just love life right now. love yall.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009


so i accidently cheated and posted a picture of our cake last week, oops! but it's kelly's korner time again, so here are a few more pics of our reception. apparently the only posts i make time for nowadays are kelly's friday posts. good times from our reception....
my sis' lil entourage
the groomscake. go pack.
and then we escaped to sandals jamaica! and loved every second of it :)
golf! (in a jean skirt? yea don't ask. it wasn't serious golf unlike the upcoming sawgrass trip...)
love the waterfalls
apparently 90% of the pictures from our honeymoon are in our not-so-modest swimsuits, but that's okay because at least 90% of the time we were clothed in only our swimsuits so it's an accurate portrayl of the week. and it was our HONEYMOON! and i loved it.
lil' collage from our shutterfly book.
love yall! happy friday!

Monday, August 3, 2009

4 months

dear parker,
happy 4 month birthday. not much time to write tonight. grandpa and grandma kehrli have been here for the past week and we are taking full advantage of quality family time. you have hit so many milestones and dad and i've been way too active with golf, tennis, bowling, movies, swimming, and more! hopefully i will write you more later, but in the meantime--LOVE YOU TONS LITTLE GUY! muah!