Wednesday, August 19, 2009

on the lighter side...

one of my best friends, brittney, had her baby boy last night (she called me while in labor to tell me that she wouldn't be meeting me for dinner on wednesday, haha)! i went on my lunch break to see him today and parker and i baked cookies and went back tonight. i am fully expecting parker and jack to be best friends! (although they will always have to compete against each other at camp war eagle because they are different tribes). brittney and greg are going to be amazing parents. they had been trying for a baby when james and i got pregnant, and they fervently prayed every single day for parker before he was born. james and i have been doing the same for baby jack. he is here!! and healthy! and so little compared to parker. *i want a newborn--watchout james.* man i forgot how teeny they are when they are born. i just wanted to snuggle baby jack and take him home. i can't believe how much my attitude towards babies has changed in the past year. oh i am so happy for them that jack is healthy and doing well.

since i didn't have my camera tonight, i'll share a couple short videos my friend matt and i made last weekend at camp war eagle (james is still the director of groups and retreats so we go out there on many weekends--love it!).

i have more including a good wipeout by matt, but i am very much an amateur video producer and am still learning how to splice the videos together and add music & special affects. for now this is all you get:

love yall!

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Katie said...

I know, I love little shmooshy newborns, something that started after having my own! I've already got the baby bug again ... and Caleb's still a baby!

Congrats to your friends!!

Nicole said...

I think you said before we have simmilar or the same video camera have you figured out a program that lets you edit and add music because I think the one it comes with is pretty pointless as it only lets you add video and cut but not add music or any fun stuff. Oh and newborns are precious but just think do you really want two babies in diapers at the same time? :)