Thursday, August 6, 2009


so i accidently cheated and posted a picture of our cake last week, oops! but it's kelly's korner time again, so here are a few more pics of our reception. apparently the only posts i make time for nowadays are kelly's friday posts. good times from our reception....
my sis' lil entourage
the groomscake. go pack.
and then we escaped to sandals jamaica! and loved every second of it :)
golf! (in a jean skirt? yea don't ask. it wasn't serious golf unlike the upcoming sawgrass trip...)
love the waterfalls
apparently 90% of the pictures from our honeymoon are in our not-so-modest swimsuits, but that's okay because at least 90% of the time we were clothed in only our swimsuits so it's an accurate portrayl of the week. and it was our HONEYMOON! and i loved it.
lil' collage from our shutterfly book.
love yall! happy friday!


Nicolasa said...

Looks like a blast! We were in our bathing suits pretty much all of the time in Aruba as well!

Katie said...

Okay, the cheer pose ROCKS. That's awesome!!

Heather said...

Jamaica looks amazing!! These pictures are great, what a fun honeymoon!!