Friday, January 30, 2009

25 things

since i enjoy reading everyone else's lists...

1. i think i am having a girl. the heartbeat has been above 140 (until today), i'm gaining weight all over instead of just in my belly, look like i'm carrying it high, etc.

2. we're probably going to name her kansas sophia kehrli. i hope she goes by kansas, but i wouldn't mind if she prefers sophia, sophie or k.k. (or kan kan or any other nicknames that could transpire).

3. i fear that everyone will think her name is "candice" not "kansas." i wonder how many times she will have to say "no, kansas, like the state" and people will hopefully reply "oh that's really unique/cute/cool."

4. i hate when people ask if i have everything i need for the baby. i know it's an honest, sincere question, but how am i supposed to respond? ("no we really want the pink grayco carseat/stroller combo" or "no i have everything i want except a wipe warmer. james and i are saving up so we can make sure and get one") gah. we are content with everything we have, so i usually just tell people we have everything.

5. james and i work from 9-4ish every day, and i love how much time we have together. no traffic, no getting up super early, low stress life.

6. i need 8-9 hours of sleep to function and be nice.

7. more than anything else with the baby or labor, i am dreading sleep deprivation.

8. i don't really have any desire to be a stay at home mom. some women have always dreamed of the day they can become one, but not me. i really enjoy working and need regular adult interaction besides play dates.

9. i hate how people think that i do not want to stay at home for financial reasons. while it is nice to have extra income, that is not really part of my motivation. i almost feel like it would be more noble if i needed to work for our family, but i really just want to keep working.

10. i feel judged for not wanting to stay home. i'm curious if meeting my baby and staying home for 3 months on maternity leave will change my mind, but i don't think i will.

11. james loves kids much more than i do, and i love him because of this.

12. i love hanging out with intellectual people.

13. i am jealous of all of my friends' intellectual pursuits (jenna at stanford law, catherine at harvard, erin almost done with her phd, and many more).

14. i thought about going to an ivy league school, so i randomly applied to dartmouth and got wait listed. i wonder what my life would've been like if i would have gone there, but i am thankful for my social/religious/athletic/relational experience at jbu even if it wasn't super intellectually challenging.

15. i love giving wine as a housewarming gift and giving gifts in general.

16. i adamantly believe that brides and grooms should cover the cost of outfitting their wedding party or let them wear their own dresses/suits (i know i am in the minority on this one). especially if a couple pays for your bridesmaid dress or tux, it is only nice to pay for theirs in your wedding.

17. i grew up going to our family's lakehouse every weekend and i am a little sad that i might not be able to provide this opportunity for my children.

18. i love that my husband works for camp war eagle and we have access to the facilities, so it's almost like our own lake house.

19. i love living in a place with a plethora of friends, which is probably why it is hard for me to leave arkansas and why i love lawrence, ks, so much.

20. a friend recently told me that james and i were her and her boyfriend's favorite couple to hang out with, and i took this is as a huge compliment. then i realized that we've only hung out with them twice and it probably means that they just don't like or have other friends.

21. i am an extremely picky eater and probably offend many people who have us over for dinner when i don't eat any of the salad, vegetables, or seafood.

22. i dislike coffee as well. come to think of it, i don't think i've ever tried it and have no desire to.

23. i judge smokers, especially those with children. sometimes i want to yell at mothers who are smoking or say a snide remark, and one day if i'm in a really bad mood i might get nasty.

24. today i saw a 25ish year old guy smoking outside my doctor's office and thought to myself "is he seriously smoking outside a doctor's office?" then he came inside and told me congratulations on the baby and made me feel really guilty for judging him.

25. i hope this is my year to be more compassionate. maybe the baby will soften my heart.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

goodbye arkansas

tomorrow morning we are hopefully leaving the icestorm madness that is northwest arkansas and boarding a plane to denver. i think james feels a little guilty that he is taking a vacation when the area could use his help with cleanup, but i am glad to get out of the house. today james joined a crew of guys cleaning up the long road to camp war eagle, and he couldn't believe how terrible the area is. apparently camp is trashed with trees that have fallen on roads, cabins, and other buildings and it is going to take months to rebuild (hopefully power will be back on in a couple weeks so the families living out there will have some heat). a 20-person crew from kansas is out at the camp helping rebuild everything--who knew ice could be such a disaster? here is a pic of james with the guys picking up the debris (look how little the people are compared with the trees):

while the boys were out doing manly things, i relaxed in my warm home, thankful that my power stayed on all week and i did not have to work. emily came over and brought cookies, and we watched more tlc, good times. many of our friends are still without power and i feel for them. i remember when we lived out in the country last fall and the power went out for two days--i was terribly restless. our neighborhood now has underground power lines, and i think they make a big difference in keeping electricity flowing.

time to pack, but a few more pics before we leave. sweet icicles on our house!

our mailbox (thankfully the mailman came today!)

and last but not least, my baby and i taking a walk through the blizzard like wonderland this morning.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ice ice baby

yay for ice days! i can't believe how much ice we have in northwest arkansas. it's been drizzling for 24 hours straight and looks beautiful outside. james and i have done absolutely nothing productive, which is a nice change. right now we're watching "bringing home baby" on tlc and eating leftovers from this weekend. we just found out that school and work is cancelled for tomorrow, too! yippee!!

i still can't believe i'm already 32 weeks along! i'm now parnaoid that i will go into labor any day and either won't know i'm in labor or will be somewhere v. inconvenient. seriously i think about labor every day. i do not want to have a c-section or be induced, and i really hope neither happen, albeit possibly inevitable. i have heard many horror stoies about pitocin, and i'm scared that the doctor will have to use it to speed up labor. i've told him i don't want it, but i'm worried that if we don't use it and something goes wrong it will be all my fault. i know everything will most likely go smoothly with the delivery and the baby will be healthy, but it still is on my mind.

at my last appointment, the doctor informed me that if i did not have enough amniotic fluid in the future (i was fine at the appt.), that he might have to induce labor. to make sure this doesn't happen, i've been drinking 2-3 glasses of skim milk every day on top of lots of water and occassional juice and dr. pepper (i know, i am a terrible person). my pregnancy book said that the highest amounts of calcium are needed in the 3rd trimester because the skull and brain are forming, so i've been trying to get as much as possible (and i love skim milk).

i don't have gestastional diabetes, yay. i had the test 3 weeks ago and no one ever called with the results, so i finally called yesterday and asked. i'm a little annoyed they never called or told me they weren't going to call, but that's okay.

oh i did do one thing today--finished our honeymoon shutterfly book! (this was on the checklist of things do to before the baby is born) here are a couple of my favorite pages.

love you all and hope you are having wonderful tuesdays!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

you still think a big man can't sell? BOOM

31/32 weeks
156 pounds (28 lbs gained)

i'd like to take a couple minutes to praise my husband. he's been so loving and selfless throughout the pregnancy, and i'm so thankful for him. this week on top of his full-time job, he had class tuesday night from 6-10pm, wednesday afternoon he had his wisdom teeth removed and still studied for 2 hours that evening, thursday went straight back to work and then took his first emt exam as part of the 4 hour class that evening, and friday text to say that he was cooking dinner (no questions asked) for me, my mom and stepdad who came in town for the night. sometimes i don't know how he has energy to do so much, but i love him for it. saturday instead of resting we cleaned the house all afternoon and james grilled burgers & brats for our 20+ guests. and now? after a long day of church and small group meetings, he is back to studying. we did sneak an hour of america's funniest home videos in because we both love the show.

it's been a good week. i had full intention of taking care of james after his wisdom teeth removal, but instead he nurtured me more. his love is humbling. our church is doing a month series about marriage (love it!) and today the pastor asked us to think of how our relationship with our spouse paints a picture of Jesus. it was not hard for me to think that the selflessness with which james approaches our marriage is a direct reflection of Christ's selflessness as described in ephesians 5:2. he's amazing and i can't imagine my life without him.

4 days until we're in denver! we just bought nuggets tickets! sam and jenna are so sweet and are treating us to a room at the marriott downtown for the weekend. i really really appreciate it and cannot wait to sleep in the marriott kingsize beds. gone are the college days of air mattresses. once you've owned a king size bed with 5 fluffy pillows it's hard to sleep anywhere else. we're spoiled, i know, but it makes me that much more excited about the trip.

party pic of some of our camp friends who came over last night:


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

on baby finances

over the last few months, i've read 20+ magazines about pregnancy and parenting. out of hundreds of articles, only one has even touched on anything remotely related to baby finances, and that was how to handle kids complaining about their tooth fairy money (or lack there of). this blows my mind that magazines spend so much time talking about how to prepare for a baby by decorating its room, but do not even touch on how to financially prepare for the baby's arrival.

and that is exactly what is wrong with society today. i realize Forbes and others produce literature about how to set up ESAs and invest wisely for a child's future, but how many mothers to be read these articles? how many doctors offices carry anything of the sort? even if mothers did read them, how many would understand the often complex language and implement investment ideas? perhaps the reason pregnancy magazines spend little time discussing financial issues is because of the sensitivity of the subject. not only are people easily offended by talking about money, but it negates any warm fuzzy feeling the other articles about crocheted baby booties and the like create. however, my blog is not meant to make anyone feel mushy inside, so here are my thoughts on baby finances...

parents need to get their own finances under control before they try to figure out how to save for their children's future. i think over 75% of america needs to focus on this. dave ramsey suggests '7 baby steps' that i believe in (and if you haven't listened to his cds or attended a financial peace seminar, you should even if you think you know everything about finance):

1. make payments on all of your debts and work to save $1000 of emergency fund money.
2. pay off all debts except your mortgage as fast as you can.
3. create a full-fledged emergency fund of 3-6 months worth of income.
4. direct 15% of your income into IRAs and retirement funds
5. set up ESAs or 529s for your children
6. pay off your house as fast as you can (ramsey suggests only doing 15 year loans) and become financially "ultrafit" ha.
7. invest to where you live off the returns of your savings and give as much as possible.

i realize these may look like simple steps (and that is the beauty of ramsey's teaching), but that does not mean they are easy to implement. of course everyone would love to have their home and debts paid off as fast as possible. with a conscious effort every day, though, financial freedom for parents can exist and is essential for paving the way to a solid future for your children. james and i are by no means experts on finance or make a ton of money, but we do have specific goals for our future which should help relieve financial stress for our family and children:

1. pay cash for everything possible. for us this means paying cash for all automobiles (and expenses), doctor and dental visits (paying our insurance deductible completely for our baby before it is born), furniture, college tuition (james is taking 8 credit hours this semester for emt) etc. we also try to take advantage of discounts by paying in full for certain things like our gym membership, which saves 10% and eliminates monthly payments if something were to happen to either one of our jobs decreasing our monthly income.

2. pay off our home as fast as possible (10 years). we would love to eliminate our monthly payment when our children are young and use that money for vacations and other fun things.

3. pay for all of our children's college expenses. (i am really big on this. i know all parents cannot afford to do this, but i hate seeing my friends in debt and the awkwardness it can cause in a marriage and with in-laws when one person brings in debt and the other does not. it is so much easier to get ahead with finances if you do not have large loans).

4. buy our children cars when they graduate college (this is something our parents did and i would like to pass on).

5. if possible, help our children with down payments on their first home purchase.

6. pay for our children's weddings (girl) or rehearsal dinner/honeymoon (boy).

wow this is way longer than i intended. if you are still reading, thanks for being my friend :). i hope james and i can look back in 20 years and say we accomplished our goals and pass on the sacrficial love through giving that our parents taught us. love you all and hope you have wonderful weeks!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

busy busy

it's been a busy week. james and i got home this afternoon after a lovely trip to oklahoma city for a friend's wedding. taught the baby how to do the cupid shuffle and ate a lot of meatballs and little smokies. went to gran torino today, shopped a little, and had friends over for dinner. i'm pooped. here are a few pictures of new baby items until i am motivated to write more later...
diaper bag!!! it is my new favorite thing and looks even cuter and bigger in person!

carter's outfit with adorable little hearts to take the baby girl (?) home from the hospital. i wasn't going to buy any more newborn outfits but couldn't resist.

softest fleece ever! if we have a boy, we're bringing him home in a blue onesie and this:

off to finish packing the hospital bag. hopefully we won't need it for a few more weeks, but just in case, we will be ready!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

29/30 weeks

154 lb. even though the baby is growing rapidly, apparently i am not.

i can't decide whether i want to start telling people that our due date is march 22 or leave it at april 1st. march sounds so close, but it's fun to tell people that our baby is due on april fools. i get a different reaction when i tell people march 22, which is usually something like, "wow you look really good for being that far along," and i enjoy the compliment. but then i feel like i am cheating, because i honestly don't think our baby will be here until april. oh the dilemma.

i've noticed other pregnant women like to exaggerate how far along they are, especially if they feel self conscious that their stomach is so big. one bigger woman i asked simply said she was due in march, and it wasn't until 5 minutes into the conversation that she finally admitted she was due march 27. i'm not sure why we all want to feel smaller or further along because gaining weight during pregnancy is perfectly normal and healthy. i guess sometimes it's just hard to feel attractive knowing that you're 25 pounds heavier than you were last year, and even though most of the weight is in your belly, you realize that your body has 4 pounds of extra blood and other extra fat reserves necessary for the baby's survival all over.

i read an article in "pregnancy" yesterday about "pregorexia," and i understood where the girls were coming from. i don't think i've really changed my eating habits at all throughout the pregnancy, although it was really hard to physically eat during the first trimester because i felt nauseated and full the whole time. i've always held the belief that however much weight i gain is how much i need to gain, whether it be 20 or 40 pounds, and i'm glad i have a husband who always lovingly supports me. however, i don't really believe in pregnancy cravings and think many women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever they want. i could pretend that the baby makes me crave quiznos chicken carbonara sandwiches (yumm bacon), but the truth is that i always craved them before i was pregnant.

i also hate how pregnant women think they have an excuse not to exercise while they are with child. i realize that during the first trimester most women are exhausted and the estrogen imbalance depletes energy, but there is no reason why pregnant women can't go for a 30 minute walk every day or do something active. every time a pregnant woman complains that she isn't sleeping well or her back hurts, i just want to ask if she's worked out that day. i think the last few weeks of the pregnancy are different (at least i've heard), but i just wish women would stop blaming so many of their problems on the pregnancy and be proactive to change (i.e. if you're experiencing backache try stretching 15 minutes a day or doing some ab exercises).

"there is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience" (with a good day's workout). pregnant women around the world: please stop complaining. love :).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


dear baby,

hello! how are you? you are growing so rapidly! today daddy and i watched you move around during an ultrasound, and apparently you are bigger than we realized! 3 1/2 pounds already, sheesh! based on your measurements today, you are expected to arrive march 22. i'm not sure when we'll get to officially meet you, but my guess has always been april 14 (though i'm starting to doubt it). your first due date was april 12, then april 1, then april 2, and now march 22! either you are going to come a little earlier than expected or you are going to be one massive baby.
seeing that your dad is 6'4" and mom is 5'7", i'm guessing you're going to be pretty good sized, which will give you a big advantage in sports. you can thank us later.

dad is so excited to play basketball with you, and mom cannot wait to see you all dressed up in a peewee football uniform, although there's a 50% chance you are a girl, so plans might change a little. if you're a girl, i hope you like gymnastics and all other sports, because we plan to put you in everything. don't worry, if you don't like sports and decide to take up music or art instead, we'll still love you just as much. i hope you are competitive, because i am ready to teach you all kinds of card games including sheepshead (current fav.), euchre, canasta, spades, poker, dirty clubs, ers, nertz, and cribbage. maybe i should teach you how to crawl first, but cards will come quickly after.

you are moving and kicking quite a bit lately, but i don't mind. actually i really love feeling you squirm around in my tummy. i would be quite content if you wanted to live inside me forever, but i'm sure i'll change my mind soon. daddy, you, and i have been getting 9-10 hours of sleep every night, and i'm hoping that continues after you are born (ha, fat chance). random people ask me everyday when you are due and if you are a boy or a girl, and i love telling them that you are a surprise.

daddy started emt class tonight so he can possibly apply to be a firefighter in the future. if he works two 24 hour firefighter shifts a week, he would be home with you almost every day, which would be wonderful for our family life. plus once he gets his paramedic liscense, he will be prepared to save our family if we should ever get in trouble. anyway, your parents and family love you so incredibly much and can't wait to get to know you soon. muah!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

james is home!

it's been a great weekend. james finally got in at 5:30am saturday morning, and we've been relaxing and organizing ever since. after watching a few hours of football last night, we decided to make our neighbors some brownies to say thank you for the cookies they brought over the week we moved in. the brownies didn't quite get baked all the way, so when i put them on a pretty decorative plate, they looked like "nasty poop nuggets" as my loving husband so kindly informed me. i thought they looked fine and delicious, but james refused to go next door with the brownies. i just laughed and laughed, which isn't always the best thing to do when your spouse is trying to seriously tell you that he will not go next door, but finally he gave in (after smearing brownie goo all over my face claiming it was payback for smashing cake in his face at our reception).

the neighbors seemed appreciative and the husband invited james to play flag football today, which i know james did not want to do in the 29 degree weather, but that's where he is right now, ha. we're trying to make an effort to get to know others in the neighborhood, which seems like a lost art in today's world, but since this is our first real "permanent" home, it would be nice to have neighborhood friends. plus the couple next door has a 2 year old son, and i'm hoping he will make a great playmate for our baby someday.

for the first time since we found out we're expecting, i have the urge to decorate the nursery. until now i've been content with leaving the baby's room as a guest bedroom until the baby arrives and we find out the sex so we can decorate the nursery accordingly (he's going to sleep in our room for a few months anyway). however, realizing that there are only 2 1/2 months until our baby comes into the world is making me extremely excited. i think i've decided on a crib bedding set if it is a boy (parker most likely):
i love the vibrant blue and modern look of the swirls. also, i like how it matches tan walls, which eliminates the need to paint. the set is from wal-mart, but almost all 187 customer reviews are positive, and it is prettier than any other set on or i can't wait. hope everyone is having a wonderful sunday!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

new toys

james and i have been blessed by so many people throughout the pregnancy emotionally and with thoughtful gifts. our relatives are more excited and generous than i ever imagined, and now we have a few new toys to play with before the baby arrives.

the first, a sony handycam (dcr-sr45) from my awesome sister:

i do not know much about videocameras, but the nice thing about this one is that it is easy to operate, has 30gb of internal memory, transfers videos directly to your computer (hopefully i'll start posting some soon), and has a sweet touch screen that makes it easy to review footage. i am so excited to take footage of our little one with this!!!
next, a super comfy glider & ottoman from toys 'r us from my mother in law:

i've decided to put this in our living room because that is where we plan do spend the most time with the baby and do the most nursing. plus it will be nice to have extra seating for guests.

my inlaws also went together and got us a classy safety 1st carseat:

we plan to use this for all of our children, so i'm glad we have a new, soft, reliable seat for our baby. it is forward and rear-facing and adjusts to 4 different sizes, so that is a big plus.

last but not least, a baby einstein playard from my mother in law's friends and an arm's reach co-sleeper from my mom:

i think we're going to put the co-sleeper in our room so the baby can sleep downstairs with us for the first few months and put the playard in the living room. i still can't believe it's less than 3 months until the baby will be here, ahh!! can't wait.

i've been polling our friends for names (we still have no idea what we're naming little kehrli), and i'll post the results soon... until then, love you all! go florida!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

28 weeks

this picture was actually taken at 27 weeks, but you get the idea.

the morning after i wrote my last post about being a good friend in 2009, i got a couple borderline rude emails from a good friend. i drove to work annoyed at this friend and thought about blogging about it all day. part of me still wants to because i'm pretty sure said friend does not read my blog, but i know that is not the best way to deal with the situation. while it might be temporarily cathartic to complain about my friend's actions, i realize that a public internet journal is never the best place to discuss relational issues. i called my sister to vent instead, and she offered the perfect mix of understanding that this friend's actions were wrong while reminding me that this friend has done a lot for me over the years and life is not about keeping score.

it is a hard lesson to learn that life is not about keeping score and something i'm sure i'll never perfect. to an extent i think it is easier to do in marriage because you're committed to unconditionally loving that person forever, so you consciously remind yourself to forgive and forget. it's harder in friendships, though, because there is no guarantee that any specific friend will be a big part of your life forever.

james and i are in a stage of life where we're figuring out who our lifelong friends are and who we want to make a concentrated effort to stay close with. i always struggle with when to stop trying with friends, when too much is too much or we've grown apart. the hardest part is that often the friends who are the least enjoyable to be around are the ones who need friends the most.

anyway, we're going to denver to see jenna, sam, and levi at the end of this month and i am so excited! they are friends who i know james and i will stay in contact with for a long time because we all get along so well and want to make an effort to see each other at least once a year for a vacation. i guess i don't know if their relationships with us will change, but i'm pretty sure we will all stay close. it's kinda funny because 4 years ago, levi was v. anti-girl and never invited jenna and me to any outings, but over the years he and i have become really good friends. our last year at jbu when i lived in siloam and james lived in rogers, levi called every week to invite me to poker and came to my house whenever we needed a boy to help with projects, which i greatly appreciated. it will be good to have all of us together, even if just for a weekend.

james called last night (happy surprise!) and told me that their group is leaving friday morning at 6am from mexico and driving straight through, so i will get to talk to him again in 36 hours and see him in 54! can't wait until then. loves!

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009: The Year To Be A Good Friend

My resolution for the coming year is to be a better friend. Even though I believe life is all about relationships, I've done a pretty crappy job of being a good friend this year. Between the wedding, moving 3 times, changing/looking for jobs, working at a secluded summer camp, and trying to be a good wife, I've neglected to make a big effort with friends. I love hanging out with people, though, and throughout high school and college, I surrounded myself with friends and activities. Lately, though, my social life has consisted of rotating dinners with other couples in the area and weekly small group meetings. While I love hanging out with other newlyweds, I also want to continue to have good girl friends, especially since many of my friends are still not married. James is much more social than me and has guys call him nearly every night to play basketball or go to BDubs. I am a tad bit jealous, but I know I need to call people more if I want them to call me.

My Mother-in-Law has 3 best friends that she hangs out with all the time (plus her 4 sisters who all live in the same town and celebrate all occassions together). I asked her what her secret was to keeping strong friendships, and she simply stated, "You must be a good friend to have a good friend." Now that life has finally slowed down a little and James and I are developing a healthy life routine, I can finally make a bigger effort with friends (at least for 3 months until baby Kehrli arrives). The new year is off to a good start:

Saturday: worked out with Brittney and ate dinner with her and Emily
Sunday: went out to breakfast and church with Lisa and had Melissa over for dinner
Monday (today): went to Kristin's for dinner with her and Brittney
Tuesday: doing yoga in Siloam and hopefully visiting the few friends who are still living there
Wednesday: going out to dinner with Sarah
Thursday: going over Melissa's for dinner (our husbands both have class on Thursdays so this will likely be a weekly routine)
Friday/Saturday: hopefully hanging out with Kim & Emily
Saturday: James comes home, woohoo!

In the mean time, I'm listening to my Jewel Pandora Station full of Jewel, Alanis, Michelle, Enya, and Sarah M pretending I'm back in high school at Lilith Fair. I love these ladies' voices, but I'm also watching the Texas/Ohio State game so I don't get too much estrogen in my system. Texas just won. Even though I'm not a big fan, go Big 12! Loves!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

house pictures

ahhh it feels so nice to be at home for a few days with no agenda and plenty of time to unpack and organize the house. we still have a long way to go to get the house where we want it, but i made significant progress this weekend. all of the baby clothes are hung up, the gifts are organized, the empty moving boxes are all gone, the kitchen is put together and my magnetic spice rack is ready for use (only 9 months after we received it as a wedding gift). soon i will think about starting to decorate.

it is overwhelming to try to have the house showroom ready in a short amount of time. since i am not exactly susie homemaker, it'll probably be a while before our home looks close to perfect. i'm trying to take it one room at a time (that's what the lady at the jcpenney home store told me). tonight my friend melissa and i hung up curtains over the sliding glass door in the living/dining room. this was top priority so creepers can't look in at night when i am home alone (come back from mexico soon, james!!), and i am very proud of us for successfully using a level and drill.

here are a few pictures. for some reason they are blurry and have spots on them, so next time i'm going to try taking them with sunlight instead of the flash, but this gives you an idea.

before picture of sliding glass doors that lead to our patio.

voila! someday i will steam the new curtains, but the important thing is that they're up!

entry way.

window that looks down from upstairs into the living room. sometimes i look up from the couch and think the light in the window is a person's head, but i'm trying not to freak myself out so much.

dining room. thank you lady on craiglist--your table is functioning well until a new dining room table jumps higher on our priority list.
pretty place settings. i love them. thank you target, pier 1, and wedding gift card givers.
kitchen. please note the "simplify" sign. i realize it is ironic to spend money on decor that says simplify, but the word reminds me every day to not stress about little things and focus on what really matters in life.

that's all for now. love you all and hope you have wonderful weeks!!