Tuesday, January 13, 2009


dear baby,

hello! how are you? you are growing so rapidly! today daddy and i watched you move around during an ultrasound, and apparently you are bigger than we realized! 3 1/2 pounds already, sheesh! based on your measurements today, you are expected to arrive march 22. i'm not sure when we'll get to officially meet you, but my guess has always been april 14 (though i'm starting to doubt it). your first due date was april 12, then april 1, then april 2, and now march 22! either you are going to come a little earlier than expected or you are going to be one massive baby.
seeing that your dad is 6'4" and mom is 5'7", i'm guessing you're going to be pretty good sized, which will give you a big advantage in sports. you can thank us later.

dad is so excited to play basketball with you, and mom cannot wait to see you all dressed up in a peewee football uniform, although there's a 50% chance you are a girl, so plans might change a little. if you're a girl, i hope you like gymnastics and all other sports, because we plan to put you in everything. don't worry, if you don't like sports and decide to take up music or art instead, we'll still love you just as much. i hope you are competitive, because i am ready to teach you all kinds of card games including sheepshead (current fav.), euchre, canasta, spades, poker, dirty clubs, ers, nertz, and cribbage. maybe i should teach you how to crawl first, but cards will come quickly after.

you are moving and kicking quite a bit lately, but i don't mind. actually i really love feeling you squirm around in my tummy. i would be quite content if you wanted to live inside me forever, but i'm sure i'll change my mind soon. daddy, you, and i have been getting 9-10 hours of sleep every night, and i'm hoping that continues after you are born (ha, fat chance). random people ask me everyday when you are due and if you are a boy or a girl, and i love telling them that you are a surprise.

daddy started emt class tonight so he can possibly apply to be a firefighter in the future. if he works two 24 hour firefighter shifts a week, he would be home with you almost every day, which would be wonderful for our family life. plus once he gets his paramedic liscense, he will be prepared to save our family if we should ever get in trouble. anyway, your parents and family love you so incredibly much and can't wait to get to know you soon. muah!



Mrs. Hibit said...

I love the idea of writing letters to your baby. It's so sweet! Especially if you plan to give them to your child someday.
If you do happen to be in labor on March 22 - there will be plenty of basketball games on TV to entertain you while you wait! Sounds like a decent deal to me. :)
I can't imagine your excitement as the time draws near. Thanks for sharing just a little bit of it through your blog!

Rebecca said...

If you do more of those letters, you should put them together in a book with pics of you from your pregnancy. I had a friend who got one from shutterfly or creative memories... it was so cute! :)

nertzfan said...

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea, writing to your unborn baby. I'm totally gonna get on that!

Congrats on your pregnancy. (I found your blog because we're due around the same time.)

Did you guys sign up for cord blood banking? I'm psyched cuz today, even though we're already enrolled, they discounted our fees another $250 after I called in to apply the coupon at
Okay, nesting like crazy... back to work. :)
Best wishes to ya.