Sunday, January 4, 2009

house pictures

ahhh it feels so nice to be at home for a few days with no agenda and plenty of time to unpack and organize the house. we still have a long way to go to get the house where we want it, but i made significant progress this weekend. all of the baby clothes are hung up, the gifts are organized, the empty moving boxes are all gone, the kitchen is put together and my magnetic spice rack is ready for use (only 9 months after we received it as a wedding gift). soon i will think about starting to decorate.

it is overwhelming to try to have the house showroom ready in a short amount of time. since i am not exactly susie homemaker, it'll probably be a while before our home looks close to perfect. i'm trying to take it one room at a time (that's what the lady at the jcpenney home store told me). tonight my friend melissa and i hung up curtains over the sliding glass door in the living/dining room. this was top priority so creepers can't look in at night when i am home alone (come back from mexico soon, james!!), and i am very proud of us for successfully using a level and drill.

here are a few pictures. for some reason they are blurry and have spots on them, so next time i'm going to try taking them with sunlight instead of the flash, but this gives you an idea.

before picture of sliding glass doors that lead to our patio.

voila! someday i will steam the new curtains, but the important thing is that they're up!

entry way.

window that looks down from upstairs into the living room. sometimes i look up from the couch and think the light in the window is a person's head, but i'm trying not to freak myself out so much.

dining room. thank you lady on craiglist--your table is functioning well until a new dining room table jumps higher on our priority list.
pretty place settings. i love them. thank you target, pier 1, and wedding gift card givers.
kitchen. please note the "simplify" sign. i realize it is ironic to spend money on decor that says simplify, but the word reminds me every day to not stress about little things and focus on what really matters in life.

that's all for now. love you all and hope you have wonderful weeks!!


Kim said...

you are definitely nesting! Great work on the curtains!

Jenn Eastman said...

your house is so cute! can't wait to see it when i come visit!