Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ice ice baby

yay for ice days! i can't believe how much ice we have in northwest arkansas. it's been drizzling for 24 hours straight and looks beautiful outside. james and i have done absolutely nothing productive, which is a nice change. right now we're watching "bringing home baby" on tlc and eating leftovers from this weekend. we just found out that school and work is cancelled for tomorrow, too! yippee!!

i still can't believe i'm already 32 weeks along! i'm now parnaoid that i will go into labor any day and either won't know i'm in labor or will be somewhere v. inconvenient. seriously i think about labor every day. i do not want to have a c-section or be induced, and i really hope neither happen, albeit possibly inevitable. i have heard many horror stoies about pitocin, and i'm scared that the doctor will have to use it to speed up labor. i've told him i don't want it, but i'm worried that if we don't use it and something goes wrong it will be all my fault. i know everything will most likely go smoothly with the delivery and the baby will be healthy, but it still is on my mind.

at my last appointment, the doctor informed me that if i did not have enough amniotic fluid in the future (i was fine at the appt.), that he might have to induce labor. to make sure this doesn't happen, i've been drinking 2-3 glasses of skim milk every day on top of lots of water and occassional juice and dr. pepper (i know, i am a terrible person). my pregnancy book said that the highest amounts of calcium are needed in the 3rd trimester because the skull and brain are forming, so i've been trying to get as much as possible (and i love skim milk).

i don't have gestastional diabetes, yay. i had the test 3 weeks ago and no one ever called with the results, so i finally called yesterday and asked. i'm a little annoyed they never called or told me they weren't going to call, but that's okay.

oh i did do one thing today--finished our honeymoon shutterfly book! (this was on the checklist of things do to before the baby is born) here are a couple of my favorite pages.

love you all and hope you are having wonderful tuesdays!!


Katie said...

I love the pics!! How fun! Caleb was a surprise, too, so I totally hear you! Are you going to find out if you're having a boy or a girl? Do you have names picked out yet? Are you sharing ...? :)

Sadie said...

I was induced a week early because I was preeclampsic. It was not terrible at all. I also had an epidural, which was not terrible either. In fact, any other babies I plan on having will probably be with an epidural.
I would tell you not to worry, that it will all work out well, but worrying is inevitable. So instead, I will tell you to go get a pedicure. :)