Sunday, January 25, 2009

you still think a big man can't sell? BOOM

31/32 weeks
156 pounds (28 lbs gained)

i'd like to take a couple minutes to praise my husband. he's been so loving and selfless throughout the pregnancy, and i'm so thankful for him. this week on top of his full-time job, he had class tuesday night from 6-10pm, wednesday afternoon he had his wisdom teeth removed and still studied for 2 hours that evening, thursday went straight back to work and then took his first emt exam as part of the 4 hour class that evening, and friday text to say that he was cooking dinner (no questions asked) for me, my mom and stepdad who came in town for the night. sometimes i don't know how he has energy to do so much, but i love him for it. saturday instead of resting we cleaned the house all afternoon and james grilled burgers & brats for our 20+ guests. and now? after a long day of church and small group meetings, he is back to studying. we did sneak an hour of america's funniest home videos in because we both love the show.

it's been a good week. i had full intention of taking care of james after his wisdom teeth removal, but instead he nurtured me more. his love is humbling. our church is doing a month series about marriage (love it!) and today the pastor asked us to think of how our relationship with our spouse paints a picture of Jesus. it was not hard for me to think that the selflessness with which james approaches our marriage is a direct reflection of Christ's selflessness as described in ephesians 5:2. he's amazing and i can't imagine my life without him.

4 days until we're in denver! we just bought nuggets tickets! sam and jenna are so sweet and are treating us to a room at the marriott downtown for the weekend. i really really appreciate it and cannot wait to sleep in the marriott kingsize beds. gone are the college days of air mattresses. once you've owned a king size bed with 5 fluffy pillows it's hard to sleep anywhere else. we're spoiled, i know, but it makes me that much more excited about the trip.

party pic of some of our camp friends who came over last night:



Gow_spot said...

that's awesome silvy!
i think God uses the 9 months of pregnancy to let us see/understand/know how incredible our husbands are.... we learn a different side of them when we are at our limits in pregnancy. for me- it totally made me 100% confident that TOGETHER we could handle the unknowns of bringing home a newborn.

God is good.
and we are blessed beyond words with FANTASTIC hubbies!

btw- you look great!
pregnancy suits ya!

Erin said...

Awww. You're so lucky. I'm glad you found such a sweet guy!

PS I'm serious about that magazine.

Katie said...

Yay for a trip!! Sounds like fun! James is doing a great job. It's amazing how we fall in love with our husbands in a different way through every stage of life--as nurturing partner during pregnancy and as wonderful father after the baby is born. It's amazing!

I read your post about finances and it was very good--Josh and I live by most of those principles, too. I think that maybe one reason baby magazines do not write on topics like that is because a lot of babies are surprises. I mean, a LOT. Not everything can be planned out because families are scrambling after finding out the news. However, I do believe that giving parents tips even with a surprise baby is a great idea. They may not be able to implement a perfect financial plan, but they could definitely take suggestions on how to improve their current situation! I think it's a great idea.

Jenny said...

You look fantastic!!! You're almost there! Can you believe that in just two-ish months you will be holding that little baby in your arms, and rubbing your cheek against his/her soft little head?!?!?! Hooray!

Is that your kitchen behind you? It's gorgeous! I absolutely love the small glimpses of your new house that I've seen in your pictures! You look so happy!