Monday, January 5, 2009

2009: The Year To Be A Good Friend

My resolution for the coming year is to be a better friend. Even though I believe life is all about relationships, I've done a pretty crappy job of being a good friend this year. Between the wedding, moving 3 times, changing/looking for jobs, working at a secluded summer camp, and trying to be a good wife, I've neglected to make a big effort with friends. I love hanging out with people, though, and throughout high school and college, I surrounded myself with friends and activities. Lately, though, my social life has consisted of rotating dinners with other couples in the area and weekly small group meetings. While I love hanging out with other newlyweds, I also want to continue to have good girl friends, especially since many of my friends are still not married. James is much more social than me and has guys call him nearly every night to play basketball or go to BDubs. I am a tad bit jealous, but I know I need to call people more if I want them to call me.

My Mother-in-Law has 3 best friends that she hangs out with all the time (plus her 4 sisters who all live in the same town and celebrate all occassions together). I asked her what her secret was to keeping strong friendships, and she simply stated, "You must be a good friend to have a good friend." Now that life has finally slowed down a little and James and I are developing a healthy life routine, I can finally make a bigger effort with friends (at least for 3 months until baby Kehrli arrives). The new year is off to a good start:

Saturday: worked out with Brittney and ate dinner with her and Emily
Sunday: went out to breakfast and church with Lisa and had Melissa over for dinner
Monday (today): went to Kristin's for dinner with her and Brittney
Tuesday: doing yoga in Siloam and hopefully visiting the few friends who are still living there
Wednesday: going out to dinner with Sarah
Thursday: going over Melissa's for dinner (our husbands both have class on Thursdays so this will likely be a weekly routine)
Friday/Saturday: hopefully hanging out with Kim & Emily
Saturday: James comes home, woohoo!

In the mean time, I'm listening to my Jewel Pandora Station full of Jewel, Alanis, Michelle, Enya, and Sarah M pretending I'm back in high school at Lilith Fair. I love these ladies' voices, but I'm also watching the Texas/Ohio State game so I don't get too much estrogen in my system. Texas just won. Even though I'm not a big fan, go Big 12! Loves!!

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