Thursday, January 15, 2009

29/30 weeks

154 lb. even though the baby is growing rapidly, apparently i am not.

i can't decide whether i want to start telling people that our due date is march 22 or leave it at april 1st. march sounds so close, but it's fun to tell people that our baby is due on april fools. i get a different reaction when i tell people march 22, which is usually something like, "wow you look really good for being that far along," and i enjoy the compliment. but then i feel like i am cheating, because i honestly don't think our baby will be here until april. oh the dilemma.

i've noticed other pregnant women like to exaggerate how far along they are, especially if they feel self conscious that their stomach is so big. one bigger woman i asked simply said she was due in march, and it wasn't until 5 minutes into the conversation that she finally admitted she was due march 27. i'm not sure why we all want to feel smaller or further along because gaining weight during pregnancy is perfectly normal and healthy. i guess sometimes it's just hard to feel attractive knowing that you're 25 pounds heavier than you were last year, and even though most of the weight is in your belly, you realize that your body has 4 pounds of extra blood and other extra fat reserves necessary for the baby's survival all over.

i read an article in "pregnancy" yesterday about "pregorexia," and i understood where the girls were coming from. i don't think i've really changed my eating habits at all throughout the pregnancy, although it was really hard to physically eat during the first trimester because i felt nauseated and full the whole time. i've always held the belief that however much weight i gain is how much i need to gain, whether it be 20 or 40 pounds, and i'm glad i have a husband who always lovingly supports me. however, i don't really believe in pregnancy cravings and think many women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever they want. i could pretend that the baby makes me crave quiznos chicken carbonara sandwiches (yumm bacon), but the truth is that i always craved them before i was pregnant.

i also hate how pregnant women think they have an excuse not to exercise while they are with child. i realize that during the first trimester most women are exhausted and the estrogen imbalance depletes energy, but there is no reason why pregnant women can't go for a 30 minute walk every day or do something active. every time a pregnant woman complains that she isn't sleeping well or her back hurts, i just want to ask if she's worked out that day. i think the last few weeks of the pregnancy are different (at least i've heard), but i just wish women would stop blaming so many of their problems on the pregnancy and be proactive to change (i.e. if you're experiencing backache try stretching 15 minutes a day or doing some ab exercises).

"there is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience" (with a good day's workout). pregnant women around the world: please stop complaining. love :).


Gow_spot said...

ah... just wait a few more weeks silvy. your blatter will be pea size and if you consume any liquid at all - you will have to get up and pee in the night. like 4 times. =)

maybe not, everyone is certainly different. but you'll have to blog again at 38 weeks and give us an update.

may you have many many many many MANY more blissful nights of sleep.

kristina said...

hey! its great to see that you are having a relatively stress free pregnancy! i am so pleased for you!

before i got pregnant I used to think pregnant women were being overdramatic and exaggerating over smells, vomiting, food cravings etc... Now, being 15 weeks, I cant walk into a grocery store becasue i cant control the vomiting, tomato soup is the ONLY thing that sounds good ever, and I have lost 24 pounds as nothing stays down. most days i dont even get out of bed!

i am so jealous that you can exercise, i imainge that will make it easier post-birth too. :)

oh, and stick wtih 1 April....i like the idea of april fools baby!

Sadie said...

Hahah! This post cracks me up. I love it!
So for the cards...I had a very long week starting school and I don't know that I am up for cards right now. I would very much like to play with you guys, just not today. It was a crappy week topped with a really crappy day. However, we are going to dinner at Red Lobster in Rogers, I would say sometime around 5/5:30, and would love it if you would like to join us.
My phone number is 479-427-2556 and Rusty's is 479-427-0785, so feel free to call or email or facebook...whatever.

Jenny said...

great post!
however, one quick comment... If a woman who doesn't usually NEED exercise to keep off weight all of the sudden starts exercising while pregnant, she risks a miscarriage, because it is strenuous on the body and on the baby!!! So in the case of THOSE pregnant women...I can see where they're coming from! Great job, however, at staying fit and only gaining baby weight! I hope if Paul and I are blessed with a baby, I can be that way, too!

Erin said...

haha. so many pregnant lady thoughts. Sounds like you have a pretty good attitude about the whole thing. It's also good to hear that it hasn't impacted your daily life very much. I've heard horror stories about women (mostly grad students) not being able to think very well, and of course all of the other fatigue issues. It always sounded like being preggers really negatively impacted your productivity.... here's to hoping. :)