Sunday, January 18, 2009

busy busy

it's been a busy week. james and i got home this afternoon after a lovely trip to oklahoma city for a friend's wedding. taught the baby how to do the cupid shuffle and ate a lot of meatballs and little smokies. went to gran torino today, shopped a little, and had friends over for dinner. i'm pooped. here are a few pictures of new baby items until i am motivated to write more later...
diaper bag!!! it is my new favorite thing and looks even cuter and bigger in person!

carter's outfit with adorable little hearts to take the baby girl (?) home from the hospital. i wasn't going to buy any more newborn outfits but couldn't resist.

softest fleece ever! if we have a boy, we're bringing him home in a blue onesie and this:

off to finish packing the hospital bag. hopefully we won't need it for a few more weeks, but just in case, we will be ready!


Mrs. Hibit said...

First: I love that you have gender-specific hospital outfits for both.

Second: Did you like Gran Torino? We saw it on Friday and enjoyed it thoroughly.

kristina said...

great bag!! and i love that you have outfits picked out! they are so adorable!! you will have a well dressed child! i cant believe you are letting it be a surprise!! i dont think i could do it!

and thanks for all the tips for the throwing up. what really sucks is that most everything you suggested i cant get in the UK!!! we dont have ginger ale or gold fish or saltines....yeah, being pregnant and living in London makes me miss America more than anything!!

Sadie said...

I love Carter's clothes. They are really the softest and fit the best and you can usually find them on sale.

Jenn Eastman said...

i LOVE the diaper bag, it's so you! :)