Sunday, January 11, 2009

james is home!

it's been a great weekend. james finally got in at 5:30am saturday morning, and we've been relaxing and organizing ever since. after watching a few hours of football last night, we decided to make our neighbors some brownies to say thank you for the cookies they brought over the week we moved in. the brownies didn't quite get baked all the way, so when i put them on a pretty decorative plate, they looked like "nasty poop nuggets" as my loving husband so kindly informed me. i thought they looked fine and delicious, but james refused to go next door with the brownies. i just laughed and laughed, which isn't always the best thing to do when your spouse is trying to seriously tell you that he will not go next door, but finally he gave in (after smearing brownie goo all over my face claiming it was payback for smashing cake in his face at our reception).

the neighbors seemed appreciative and the husband invited james to play flag football today, which i know james did not want to do in the 29 degree weather, but that's where he is right now, ha. we're trying to make an effort to get to know others in the neighborhood, which seems like a lost art in today's world, but since this is our first real "permanent" home, it would be nice to have neighborhood friends. plus the couple next door has a 2 year old son, and i'm hoping he will make a great playmate for our baby someday.

for the first time since we found out we're expecting, i have the urge to decorate the nursery. until now i've been content with leaving the baby's room as a guest bedroom until the baby arrives and we find out the sex so we can decorate the nursery accordingly (he's going to sleep in our room for a few months anyway). however, realizing that there are only 2 1/2 months until our baby comes into the world is making me extremely excited. i think i've decided on a crib bedding set if it is a boy (parker most likely):
i love the vibrant blue and modern look of the swirls. also, i like how it matches tan walls, which eliminates the need to paint. the set is from wal-mart, but almost all 187 customer reviews are positive, and it is prettier than any other set on or i can't wait. hope everyone is having a wonderful sunday!!!


Sadie said...

I love the blue! We did our nursery before Norah was born, and before we knew that she was a girl, so we did yellow and black with bumble bees. When are we going to play cards?!

Rebecca said...

I like the decor! Hoping for a boy? :)

Do you have an online registry or are you registered at any stores in Lawrence? My mom and I want to bless your new little one and would love to know your needs. Let me know!


Erin said...

AWWW cute nursery!!!!