Thursday, January 29, 2009

goodbye arkansas

tomorrow morning we are hopefully leaving the icestorm madness that is northwest arkansas and boarding a plane to denver. i think james feels a little guilty that he is taking a vacation when the area could use his help with cleanup, but i am glad to get out of the house. today james joined a crew of guys cleaning up the long road to camp war eagle, and he couldn't believe how terrible the area is. apparently camp is trashed with trees that have fallen on roads, cabins, and other buildings and it is going to take months to rebuild (hopefully power will be back on in a couple weeks so the families living out there will have some heat). a 20-person crew from kansas is out at the camp helping rebuild everything--who knew ice could be such a disaster? here is a pic of james with the guys picking up the debris (look how little the people are compared with the trees):

while the boys were out doing manly things, i relaxed in my warm home, thankful that my power stayed on all week and i did not have to work. emily came over and brought cookies, and we watched more tlc, good times. many of our friends are still without power and i feel for them. i remember when we lived out in the country last fall and the power went out for two days--i was terribly restless. our neighborhood now has underground power lines, and i think they make a big difference in keeping electricity flowing.

time to pack, but a few more pics before we leave. sweet icicles on our house!

our mailbox (thankfully the mailman came today!)

and last but not least, my baby and i taking a walk through the blizzard like wonderland this morning.



Kim said...

The damage to the trees in Fayetteville is unbelievable, it looks like a tornado came through. The area is definitely going to look different after all this ice melts and the clean up begins.

Jenn Eastman said...

i didn't know there was so much damage! that is crazy! i'm glad you all are safe and enjoying the time off work though! have fun in denver!