Saturday, August 29, 2009

parker the staff brat

dear parker,
here you are at your home away from home: el campimento de war eagle. it is truly a gorgeous place! these pictures were taken a good three months ago on your first visit, but we are sure to take many more in the years to come. (and no, dad is not choking you in the picture, promise)
you are what we affectionately term a "staff brat." definition: the spoiled child of a camp director who gets a big head because he is known by hundreds of people at camp and therefore thinks he rules camp. i can already tell you will have no problem fitting this label.
you are a member of the mighty osage tribe. stand loud and proud. and get ready to fight against your new best friend, little jack taylor, the caddo enemy. you will forever compete against one another. next retreat i will take pictures of you in more places around camp. until then, muah! loves.

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