Wednesday, July 20, 2011

day in the life: tuesday

tuesday was another relaxing day in the kehrli household.  james got off work (and got to sleep at the firestation from 10:30pm-6:30am with no calls!!  this doesn't happen very much any more now that he is driving the busiest ambulance in town).  he is on a golf kick right now, so he went golfing with a work friend right after his shift and i dropped parker off at "school" (kids day out).

though i am thankful for the break when parker goes to school, i don't like his summer kdo program as much as the fall one...this one is 8am-2pm and it just seems too long and more of a daycare than a school.  the summer kdo also naps him (he often doesn't nap but just sits there for 45 minutes) and it throws off his whole routine.

thankfully parker came home yesterday and napped from 2-5pm (his normal nap length).  here is a sweet picture of pax going with me to drop of the parkerman:

during paxton's morning nap i did a little online shopping and tried to get all of our insurance/billing stuff figured out.  we still don't have all of the bills from paxton's birth and they already messed up 2 of the claims, so i've been calling blue cross a lot.

i also edited a few pictures since my 30 day free lightroom trial was ending.  i decided to buy it, but in the mean time all pictures will be straight out of the camera.  LOVE this picture of james and paxton.

my friends gave me a subscription to birch box after pax's arrival.  it is a sweet service that sends samples of quality beauty products every month.  this month one of the samples was purity facewash by philosophy.  i've enjoyed it so much that i decided to order the full size bottle.  it's amazing how much more online shopping i do now that i have little is sooo much easier to shop from the computer!

for lunch, i met up with my boss and our vp at crabby's to "check in."  i love crabby's lunch menu and waffle fries!
last, we took a family trip to the pool.  i am amazed at how brave and (overly) confident parker is in the water.  he has no fear of going under or jumping off of the side.  james is doing a great job teaching him how to swim, so i don't think we'll even have to do lessons.

 for the first time since pax was born, i got in the pool!!  the water never felt better.

(pax slept in his carseat the whole time).  love summer and family time!!
 sweet dreams.  love you all.

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