Friday, June 29, 2012

paxton & parker's nursery

i am doing a link up today with kelly's korner about nurseries!  below are a few pics of paxton's nursery... i used the same room/bedding for both boys because i am too cheap to buy all new things.

paxton's dedication verse, isaiah 40:31, above his crib:
originally the boys were going to share a room, but until they both fully sleep through the night without waking each other up, parker is sleeping in the guest bedroom.  the wall still bears his name (and i just realized i didn't straighten the plates before snapping the pic.  oh well, there room is far from perfect!)
 paxton's big boy bed (parker's bed when we have actualy guests sleeping in the guest room).
paxton's sweet pillow i got at a local craft fair and the quilt my mother in law made.  she picked out all of the materials and it matches the boys' room perfectly.  love!
 growth chart!  it lists famous people's height on the left side and our family members height on the right
sweet cards line the top of the room.  i wanted some way to display them and they make the perfect nursery border!
i am working on a post of why i decided to be a stay at home mom and how we planned for it...thanks for reading--more to come! :) 

Monday, June 18, 2012

dear paxton: year 1

dear paxton,
what an incredible year.  you bring so much joy to our family.  from the day you arrived and nursed for the first time, i've felt an incredibly close bond with you.  your snuggles, cuddles, and contentness laying on my chest make me feel appreciated and loved.
you give parker the joy of being a big brother and are teaching him how to share and be gentle.  even at parker's young age, his awareness and protectiveness of you is evident.
paxton, you are such a happy baby.  evening is your favorite time to give us the biggest smiles and laughs. 

 you have beautiful big eyes, and i am so content holding you and staring in them.  i love being your mom.
when daddy and i had you, we were worried you would be a tough baby because parker seemed so easy.  i am so thankful that you are just as easygoing.  you make me want to have 100 more babies.
 you are curious, mischevious 
sweet, healthy and strong.
love you oh so much and can't wait for many years to come watching you grow (not too fast).  muah!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

lifelong friends

about to board a plane to reunite with my best friends from 7th grade.  we try to get together every summer and i can't wait to see these ladies tonight!!!

last summer in arkansas
somewhere on highway 1 on the cali coast
san fran beach walk
wine tasting in napa
 cali beach
 wine tasting in santa barbara
senior year
high school mud volleyball
 my wedding
love you and can't wait to see you in the outerbanks of north carolina!