Saturday, March 23, 2013

family update

it's been forever.  first and foremost, we are very excited for BABY BOY KEHRLI #3 to arrive next july!  pregnancy always hits me hardest in the first trimester.  between chasing my two lil' crazies all day and the usual pregnancy exhaustion, i went to bed between 8-9pm and took a nap most days november - january.  i still take naps about every other day, but thankfully i've had more energy and less nausea these past two months.

the boys are doing well.  parker is learning at rapid speed and i love seeing him master new feats like sight words and writing his name.  he is a great listener and picks up on many things even when he doesn't seem to be paying attention (the 3 year old boy is full of energy!).  he comes home from kids day out full of stories about everything from a classmate getting in trouble for bringing a peanut butter sandwich (and trying to hide the peanut butter under the jelly!) to Bible stories he remembers in great detail from chapel.

paxton is my little stinker.  he has the sweetest smile and loves to cuddle, but boy he can be trouble!  his favorite word is "no" and several of his teachers mentioned they've never heard a kid say no so much.  ha!  it's become a game for him to say no to everything and smile so slyly.  he is very brave and wants to do everything big brother (bubba) is doing from playing soccer to climbing up the tall tower at chick fila. 

i love watching the boys interact and hope they continue to be best friends as they grow up. 

james is still enjoying working at the fire department and is taking prereq. classes right now for paramedic school that starts in may.  next year will be tough on our family with a newborn and james being in school full time on top of working 56 hours a week, but if we can make it through the year we should be able to make it through anything!

other than that, i am loving staying at home and teaching part time.  i picked up an extra class(financial management), which has been a joy to teach.  i am looking forward to summer and sitting outside with my neighbor watching the kids play until bedtime.  love you all and hope you have a wonderful weekend!!