Friday, January 10, 2014

Starting a New Year

All 4 of my boys are asleep before 9pm tonight, so why not start the new year off with a little planning.  There seem to be a lot of haters on goals/resolutions, but I love them.  Goals give vision and direction while providing a tentative roadmap for year. I love that they are measurable (vs. just picking a word and trying to apply it).

2014 Goals

*attend women’s Bible study @ Fellowship
*join Discovery in fall
*continue Awana with kids
*pray together more as a couple
Spiritual goals are hard.  It's difficult to plan how God wants to mold us.  We don't know how He wants to work in and through us, but I am looking forward to seeing Him work through these studies.  Even with all of my goals for the year, I know that His plans are always better than mine!
*reduce mortgage debt by $X (get it under $X)
*contribute $X/kid to college savings
*wish total > $Xk
*keep Money Market above $X
As an accounting major, I have a particular love for financial goals.  So concrete and easy to measure.
*gym 3+ times/week
*green smoothie challenge—30 days in Jan.
*run a 5k in under 30 minutes
James and I are gym rats.  We place a high priority on regular exercise and love going to the gym together, so I don't anticipate this one being tough.  Having a break from the kids is an added plus, as is ESPN on all of the treadmills (I walked 3 miles during the first half of the Jayhawk basketball game Wednesday night!).  No cable at home = extra motivation to workout.  We're working on improving our diet this year and have enjoyed the first week of green smoothies!
*Parker—learn how to ride a bike
*Parker—learn how to read
*Paxton—eat a whole bowl of fruit from CFA
*Paxton—get a bike
*Payton—learn how to walk
Beach vacation—August
*Branson—March & June
*Kansas—Feb (boys trip)
*Little Rock—Feb (Women’s conference)
*Memphis—July  (girls trip)

James' Goals
*graduate Paramedic school
*stay married
We are so looking forward to James finishing school in May.  It's been a tiring (but good) year for all of us, and we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Here's to a great 2014!

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Liz said...

Love you goals. I too enjoy putting thoughts and goals to paper - easier to make it happen! In case you are still looking for a book to help Parker with reading, we are using a book called "Teach your kid to read in 100 easy lessons" and it is AWESOME!! 15 min lessons and after 100 of them they are at a 2nd grade reading level. I had this book recommended several times and now I know why! Good luck with your goals.