Wednesday, December 10, 2008

movin in

it's taking quite a while to unpack our new house and decorate, so pictures are coming slowly.

i do have one, though. say hello to my beautiful 50" plasma christmas present:

i'm not quite sure why it is my christmas present since james will probably watch it more, but i got to pick it out. we weren't going to get one until my old tv died, but i comprised by getting a cheaper fridge than originally intended so it worked out well. we're still trying to figure out how we're going to hide the cords.

last night james and i helped with the annual camp war eagle christmas dinner. we invite the 150 lowest income families that come to camp (80% of the summer campers come for free--thank you alice walton) for a christmas meal and give the children and parents presents. it is one of my absolute favorite events of the year because the families are so happy and thankful. somehow my husband gets suckered into playing santa every year, so here is a pic of him holding my friend kristin's baby, rachel (good practice!):

last but not least, my friend, sarah, from work gave us a few pacifiers. i just might have to start posting pictures of all of the fun gifts!

things to be thankful for this week: a place that james and i can finally call our own, a successful store call with clorox big wigs, james' picture in modern bride (ha, but really it makes me happy), many upcoming christmas parties, friends who genuinely care, generousity of people helping with the move and visiting, my work/colleagues, free membership to village on the creeks athletic club for a month, college bowl game pick 'em contests, and chocolate chip cookie dough, yum...


Gow_spot said...

who the heck are you married to and what happened to Jimboy?
Silvy- seriously, the pix of him dressed up as santa... and holding a baby!


we're pumped to see ya'll over the holidays!

Rebecca said...

When will you be in Lawrence? I'll be out of town Dec. 27- Jan. 5, but I'd love to see you!

Kim said...

Sarah!?! I totally know her! We were pretty good friends in high school....that's crazy! I'm excited about monday!

Jenn Eastman said...

love your new tv! so jealous! hope you have a very merry christmas! love you!