Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Now that all of our cards are mailed, I think it is safe to post our card (sorry for the low res...i had to do a print screen from the site (walmart) where i made it).
how cute are these little bloomers? i love them! got them off
made these ornaments for all of parker's little friends. so easy!
got these photos at the war eagle craft fair for james' parents. it was hard to find a nice frame with six openings, so next time i will just buy matteboard.
got this shovel for my sis & brother-in-law to be from the craft fair as well. rock chalk!!
got these mugs for my girlfriends off of etsy as well (i've never ordered anything from there until this month and i went a little crazy :))
ordered this off etsy as is actually a wedding gift for the wedding james is in on new year's eve. thankfully i ordered it early b/c it broke in the mail, but the sweet seller already sent a new one.
part of my christmas present, new curtains. after we put up the curtains, we realized they were a little bit of a safety hazard with parker pulling on everything, so we left just the valances and i really like them! jcpenney!
i bought a bunch of these personlized bibs off of etsy as well for only $6.50! not bad at all. these were for the shower of the baby that was born at 1lb. 7oz. in september. he is now 5lb 8oz--still in the NICU but it is a miracle he is just alive!
and last but not least, most of you already know that i chopped my hair off and colored it dark for winter. i like the color, but i am working on giving it volume (aka the southern poof) and wearing darker makeup so i don't look so washed out. hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week! love yall!!


Gow_spot said...

ahh i know those hinies! love yall and merry christmas!

Carissa Lynn said...

silvs--cute christmas card. Parks is getting so big! Seems like yall are doing well. Happy holidays!

Erin said...

I'm just catching up on your blog now that I'm back at work. haha! I love the mug! It's funny because it didn't come with a note or anything, but I knew exactly who it was from! Thanks cutie!

PS I love your new hair. I am in serious need a hair makeover!!