Thursday, March 4, 2010

11 months

dear parks,
yesterday you turned 11 months old!! ahhh! this is the last monthly letter i will write until your 1ST BIRTHDAY!!! you are awesome. i'm going to keep this super short because mom is tired, but right now you are:

*walking with your shopping cart/high chair (cruising)
*eating table foods broken into small pieces
*able to throw a ball! (catching is a whole 'nother story)
*saying dadda and mama indiscriminately
*sleeping from 7:30pm-7:15am
*napping from 9:30-11:30am and 3:00pm-5:00pm (you are such an awesome sleeper!)
*25lbs, 31.5 inches

great job, parks! you continue to progress rapidly. you are even enjoying books now! mama and daddy try to read to you every day. we've been praying for you daily as well, this month specifically for kindness. you're the best, and we love you with all of our hearts.

we love you so much we are starting your strength training early. daddy makes you do pull ups every time you visit the firestation.
25, 26, 27... ha!
you are a curious little munchkin. lately we've found you playing in the toilet water if we take our eyes off you for 2 seconds! and you love to unravel the whole roll of toilet paper. what are we going to do with you?

love you so much!!!!


kristina said...

yea!! he is growing up so quickly! crazy! i remember last april when i was in town and we got together, he was only a few weeks old!!

and i am planning on giving you a call this weekend :)

Katie said...

Gosh he's growing up so quickly! Such a cute little munchkin. You guys are doing great!!