Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hiking: Hawksbill Crag!

if yall have been following my blog for a while, you know how long i have wanted to go to hawksbill crag (since i was pregnant 1.5 years ago). we actually drove the 1 hr 45 minute trip to podunk, arkansas, on the most beautiful fall weekend and apparently everyone else agreed that it was the most beautiful weekend and went there as well. that day because of the swarms of photographers, we had to hike 5 miles uphill to the 3 mile trail. parker was only a few months old so we passed.

since my photog friend was coming into town and we were planning another road trip, i watched the weather all week. www.weather.com assures me no storms until 2pm, so we wake up early and make it to hawksbill at 10am. right when we get there--RAIN. POURING RAIN. are you kidding me? we are faced with the inevitable "what do we do?" conversation. we don't want to put our lives in danger, don't want parks to get a cold, don't want to ruin cameras, etc. but WE DROVE ALL THE WAY OUT HERE...AGAIN!

after stalling as much as possible by eating our picnic lunches in the car, we decide to get out under a tree and take a few pictures with the greenery. notice the chi-ed hair, makeup, etc. (oh and spray tanning, too, in case anyone is wondering why casper now looks darker than her husband. big fan of spray tan! :))
we brave the rain (all of the harmless jungle rain on LOST is influencing on our judgement). 1/4 of a mile into the trek james asks if we want to turn back. drenched shoes, muddy trail and soaking wet pictures? not exactly framers. i selfishly convince the team to trek on and it continues to RAIN and RAIN and RAIN. we hiked for over an hour in the sopping rain. look at the straight hair now! ha.however, this might be my favorite picture of the trip. raw, pure and LOOK AT PARKER! happy baby!beautiful moisture in the trees! finally we arrive at whitaker point!!! and the rain stops!!! thank you GOD!i tried to fohawk parker's wet hair and this is how it air dried.
parker and i change out of our wet clothes and into new outfits. smiliest baby ever!we take full advantage of having the rock all to ourselves and tickle parker to death.
even though my hair is in a messy ponytail i still love these pics. how can you not look at parker's face and smile?
and that, my friends, was a perfect ending to an adventurous morning. the sun shined the whole hike home and we appreciated every second of it. oh sweet warm weather how i adore you! love you all!!


kristina said...

I LOVE these pictures. even the rainy ones. you look beautiful and parks is adorable! good day out.

Katie said...

LOVE THESE! Amazing memories for a beautiful family. The kissing picture is definitely my favorite!

Erin said...

I LOVE the pictures where you're tickling Parks! Everyone just looks so happy. I even tried to use them to convince Cam that we should start trying. He's pretty set on getting jobs first though. :(

Nicole said...

What beautiful pictures, Parker leans his head back like David does when he laughs. Does Parker laugh when you go to kiss his ears? David cracks up laughing when I do that and it melts my heart every time. Oh and his hair is definetly stylin'

Stefanie said...

Silvy, the pictures are awesome! It is so much more special that they hold the memory of your rainy hike! Thanks so much for stopping by to meet Liam the other day - Josh and I both felt honored that you did ;) See you soon I hope!

Anonymous said...

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