Friday, January 7, 2011

quick update

apparently i am not the only one who googled gender reveal party ideas and came across the cat fight:

a snippet of what we've been up to...
"vacationed" in wisconsin for a week with family for christmas. it snowed and snowed and snowed. nothing like driving 30mph through the whole state of illinois on the interstate and spending 14 hours in the car for a day with a 1 1/2 year old. parker actually loved the snow and kept saying, "bubbles!!"
hung out with a lot of friends.  one thing i love about nwa is how everyone is connected in some way, i.e. my neighbor/church friend lauren who went to jbu at the same time as me--even though we did not know each other there, we have a common bond and something to talk about now (and babies of course).  aren't london and lena the cutest little girls ever?
one of my other neighbor's little boy, brady, and parker at the jump zone.  i just noticed what a big tongue parker has, haha!  poor brady got a bloody nose.
james and i went to shogun's for dinner on new year's eve...and then he fell asleep at 9:30pm (not long after parks!)
parker is still as sweet and crazy as ever and loooooves his new slide.  thanks grandma/garage sale!
until tomorrow and the party, love you all!


Jenna van said...

When do people in CO find out what you're having next? I think it's a boy.

Katie said...

I think gender reveal parties are not only fun, they're also very special! What a wonderful memory to share with close friends. I love it. We did a gender reveal party and also attended the gender reveal party for close friends of ours, and it's a wonderful way to rejoice together.

I can't wait to hear the gender of Baby Kehrli! I'll guess girl, just for fun. Have fun with your friends!

Melissa said...

so fun yall got to experience snow!!! seriously i think parker and lincoln have similar personalities. we should get those boys together! And it would be fun to hang out with you, beautiful lady :) can't wait to find out!!!!!

David and jill said...

Wait, gender reveal party, what?! That means there's a baby coming! Where have I BEEN? (oh yeah, chasing my own two around and not having time to read blogs, haha!). Congrats on baby #2!!!