Monday, January 23, 2012

kehrli update

hey!  we are alive!  life is a little crazy right now.  having one child is huge--life completely changes, but two, phew!  rest no more.  add in two full-time jobs, family, church, etc. and there is not much down time in our house right now.   not to mention travel.  upcoming trips include:
1. Silvy to San Antonio next week for work
2. James to Colorado for a ski trip with Feijoo & his brother
3. Silvy to NY/Connecticut for work
4. Silvy to Miami for work
(seeing a trend here?  and i still am exclusively breastfeeding minus about 1 jar of baby food a week).  goodness gracious we are nuts.
5. James & Silvy on a surprise anniversary trip (without the kids)
6. James & Silvy & the boys to Colorado for James' 10 year high school reunion
7. Silvy to San Antonio for a friend's wedding

we are training for a half marathon at the end of march and we bought a new (used) car last week!  james is helping lead our small group (we are doing a marriage study that i am looking forward to--we love our group and are excited to be more intentional about devoting time to our marriage with everything else going on).

so for now i will simply post a pic of our sweet growing bundle of joy with a new hat from his aunt abbey.  love you all!!


Anonymous said...

Where are you going on your anniversary trip?? Are you going to come see us when you come to CO?! Don't be lame and skip out on us!

Emily said...

I made the list! Woo hoo :)

Erin said...

Wow. Travel is so exhausting we are so glad to be back in Pittsburgh for a while. We were in town about 9 out of 30+ nights in Dec. / Jan. Now I'm just enjoying going to the grocery store, cooking dinner and doing laundry in my spare time.

I would also like to know more about this surprise anniversary trip. :)