Wednesday, July 25, 2012

taking it to the man

i can't believe i am finally a stay at home mom!  since parker was born, i've known i wanted to stay home.  i wrote several posts about the stress of being a working mom, and i knew it was not best for me or my family.  however, i didn't want to make a rash, emotional decision and wanted to make sure financially we could afford it (another post to come on how we prepared financially for the change).

so why did i decide to stay home? 
*to make memories with my kids
*to be their primary teacher and influence
*to be a better mom
*to give my children my first and best energy of the day (instead of working for the first 9 hours and being tired/stressed out when i come home)
*to take my kids to the pool and park instead of having someone else text me photos of them enjoying the pool
*to teach them how to read
*to not be locked to a computer all day
*to cook more and eat more meals at home
*to hang out with other stay at home moms
*to workout
*to take care of myself
*to volunteer more
*to participate in a women's Bible study
*to spend time in the sun
*to give my husband a break from taking care of the kids so much by himself
*to enjoy life (it is so short!)

disclaimer: i fully understand that you can do most if not all of these things as a working mom.  some people are better parents when they are working and i completely respect and admire that.  others work to provide for their families and i respect that so much, too.  for me, i was trying to work and do everything and was not doing anything well.

i know that staying at home is not easy, but after 2 months, i could not be any happier with my choice. i've been called by recruiters asking when i want to go back to work, and my answer is that i am loving life right now and have no desire to go back to work any time soon.  here's to reading books, building forts and spending lots of quality time together as a family!!


Stacey said...

so happy for this new stage of life for you, silvy! enjoy every minute with those boys!!

so great to see you at crystal bridges too! hopefully we'll run into each other again soon!

Shalini said...

What a terrific post!! I needed those reminders!! Thank you for making this journey fun & less stressful for me! So thankful that we're in this together!!! Here's to 4 crazy boys!!

Erin Kaplan said...

I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your new role! : )

Jenny said...

So happy for you!! I love reading that there are other moms who have worked with little ones and made a thoughtful, planned decision to stay home! i'm excited to *hopefully* due so this fall! :-)

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

btw - glad to find other NWA moms :-) I'm in bentonville!