Saturday, March 17, 2012

new clothes

james had extrication training today at "mashed up in march," so the boys and i braved the mall to do a little shopping.  i have a little love affair with gymboree--probably buy 90% of the boys' clothes there.  reasons i love it:
1. 5 minutes from my house
2. not too crowded
3. local sales people are helpful
4. kids area with chairs & cartoons
5. easy to navigate the store and find coordinating items
6. if you shop the sales right, you can get pretty high quality clothes for walmart/garage sale prices.

don't believe me?  here's a little spreadsheet of today's purchases:

everything 70-90% off!  (i know they mark it up to make you think you are getting a deal, but what store doesn't?)  here are some of the items i bought:

it helped that gymboree is having a 30% off everything fill a bag sale + i had a 20% coupon from parenting + 5% off with gymboree visa.  sounds like a lot to keep track of, but again, this is really the only store i shop at so it's not that hard to keep straight.

plus since i spent $50, i got $25 of gymbucks to spend next month on a $50 purchases--planning to buy more clearance items at 50% off! 

in other news, we are LOVING!!!  this weather :)  happy weekend, yall.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

enjoy the minutes

my heart has been breaking lately for my college friend, amy, and nathan with the loss of their 14 month old boy, tucker.  i had only met tucker a couple times at church, but i can't imagine the anger/sadness/heartwrenching pain they are experiencing.  i have been so encouraged by all of the words amy and her sweet sister melissa have written after tucker's passing.  every time i put my boys down for naps i kiss and hug them a little longer.
this morning i read the letter nathan wrote and read at tucker's funeral and started bawling.  parker came up to me asking, "you sad, mommy?" and then "i'll wipe your tears."  children are such a precious gift from the Lord.  enjoy every minute you get to spend with them and say a prayer for amy and nathan this week (or every day).  love.