Saturday, March 17, 2012

new clothes

james had extrication training today at "mashed up in march," so the boys and i braved the mall to do a little shopping.  i have a little love affair with gymboree--probably buy 90% of the boys' clothes there.  reasons i love it:
1. 5 minutes from my house
2. not too crowded
3. local sales people are helpful
4. kids area with chairs & cartoons
5. easy to navigate the store and find coordinating items
6. if you shop the sales right, you can get pretty high quality clothes for walmart/garage sale prices.

don't believe me?  here's a little spreadsheet of today's purchases:

everything 70-90% off!  (i know they mark it up to make you think you are getting a deal, but what store doesn't?)  here are some of the items i bought:

it helped that gymboree is having a 30% off everything fill a bag sale + i had a 20% coupon from parenting + 5% off with gymboree visa.  sounds like a lot to keep track of, but again, this is really the only store i shop at so it's not that hard to keep straight.

plus since i spent $50, i got $25 of gymbucks to spend next month on a $50 purchases--planning to buy more clearance items at 50% off! 

in other news, we are LOVING!!!  this weather :)  happy weekend, yall.

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Kelli said...

I love their clothes! We have two girls and I LOVE finding awesome clothes for cheap! I'm also addicted to Carter's and Old Navy. Good job on the bargain shopping. The clothes are super cute!