Sunday, May 13, 2012


happy mother's day!  i know this is a tough day for many.  i have a couple of good friends who lost their moms in the last few years and my heart hurts for them.  it is a tough day for others struggling with infertility and i wish i could do something to ease their pain.

today i am so thankful.  thankful for my mom, my mother in law, my grandma, my boys, and my wonderful husband.  growing up, my biggest fears in life were that i would not get married or be able to have kids.  i am overjoyed that i married a great man and we are blessed with two healthy boys. 

if i could choose one word to describe our life right now it would be content.  after a crazy couple of years, our relationship has grown deeper and is stronger than its ever been.  if we can survive unexpected pregnancies, several job changes, moving, house buying, etc., we can survive anything.  over this last year i've realized how special and rare my husband is and i respect him so much. love you baby.  thank you for being such a wonderful father and best friend.

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