Monday, May 14, 2012

vegas baby!

last week james and i took our first vacation sans kids in the last 3 years!  james had never been to vegas so we booked the cheap allegiant flights and took off.  it was nice to relax and just be a couple. 
i don't know if james was mad i was taking his photo or if he was trying to act like a cool guy in this pic
pool time!  there is not a lot to do during the day in vegas, so we did a lot of walking around the strip and reading poolside.
at night we went to a cirque du soleil & blue man group shows...and i won $50 playing black jack!
i am thankful for my inlaws watching our boys and for sweet time to reconnect with my best friend!

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Kelli said...

That's so awesome! It looks like you two had a blast! :-)