Wednesday, October 8, 2008

still not showing

15 weeks! almost 4 months along (and i'm still not showing)
weight: 135 (7 pounds gained total)

although i'm gaining weight and james thinks it is obvious that i am pregnant, apparently others do not. earlier this week i went to our hospital (northwest medical--bentonville) for a tour of the labor & delivery wing, and the RN asked me if i was applying for a job. no, stupid, i am pregnant and i want to see where i am going to have my baby! perhaps it's the polite thing not to assume women are pregnant, but i am touring the labor wing!

at our softball game on tuesday (yes, i still play coed softball with a bun in the oven and it doesn't make me a sinner) i told my teammate's little girls that i am expecting, and they replied in their brutal child honesty, "you don't look pregnant." i have yet to hear, "aww your belly looks so cute," but i guess that can wait. numerous others have mentioned that i look without child. luckily i saw the baby moving in the sonogram, so i know he/she's in there!!

part of me kind of enjoys not looking pregnant. i read an article in "pregnancy" that said often women with strong ab muscles do not show as much initially because the baby rests closer to the spine. i'm sure this isn't the reason i'm not really showing, but for now i'll let myself believe it is. all of my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit, albeit tighter, but still a blessing. i have no desire to wear materity clothes until forced.

in other news, it's going to take james and me a long time to pick out names. girl names thrown out inlcude chloe kehrli, carly kehrli, and kansas kehrli (k.k.). boy names i'm fond of are striker kehrli or blaze kehrli. my husband vetoes both. we both kinda like aiden, but it's kinda boring and too trendy. until next time (when i promise i will post a picture), love you all!!!


Gow_spot said...

oh girl. bask in your skinny tummy as looooong as you can! cuz when it does start to pooch, and then pooch some more, and then some more... you will miss the days of easily tying your own shoes and wearing pants without elastic bands! =)

Kim said...

nick and I rarely agree on future baby names (not that we are planning on that anytime soon!). I'm sure a name will just fit and you'll both love it. I really like chloe!

Jenny said...

I had no idea you guys were pregnant! Congrats!!! How exciting for you both! You didn't waste ANY time ;)

I left xanga as well and created a blog. You can click on my name to visit our site!

Erin said...

Aww. You'll be showing soon enough I'm sure. I can't believe how quickly the time goes.

I like your names. Economists actually study baby name trends. It's really interesting Have you read Freakonomics?

wendy said...

we don't know each other, but you may know my husband. His name is john alexander, and he went to jbu.

I have the opposite going on with me right now- I've lost about 10 pounds and am showing, but am 10 weeks. It's just crazy how individualized pregnancy is!

Sadie said...

Oh man. I didn't show too early, but my pants stopped fitting because pretty much the second I got pregnant my hips started widening. 6 months later, and they are still wider than they used to be. Oh well.
Good for you for continuing playing softball! One thing I have learned from motherhood is that you need to have things that are yours, that continue to be yours even in the midst of all the life changes. Yours may be playing softball. Mine happened to be eating ice cream and cheese burritos. That could explain the 45 lbs I gained while pregnant. : )
This is one loo-ooo-nngg comment.

Miller Family said...

Congratulations! I found your blog while reading Katie's. Enjoy your flat tummy as long as you can!!! :-)