Sunday, October 25, 2009


even though it was cold and rainy, we still had a great time at the mcgarrah pumpkin patch last week!
aww what a cutie
"look, mom, i am eating the straw. i eat everything!!"
ooooh a big one!
can't wait to go again next year!

and just because, here is a picture of some pumpkin bread i made. it was actually edible (and delicious!!) love yall. have a great week!


Melissa McMahan said...

oh silvy he's so cute! love the sweater!! we're gonna try to go out to the one by pea ridge this weekend...and pmpkin bread is one of my favorite things to make at this time!!! jason hates anything pumpkin which works for me cause i get to eat it all. :)

Jenny Clements said...

Parker is such a little man! I love his outfits!

Hope you have a great first Halloween together!

Erin said...

Babies and Pumpkins!! So cute!

Jenn Eastman said...

looks fun! such a cute baby :) and that pumpkin bread looks good!