Thursday, October 8, 2009

6 months

dear parker,

we are a couple of days late this month, but congrats on the lil' birthday! 6 months! the best age yet. you did so well with your immunizations today. you are officially 20lbs (90%) and 28.25 inches (95%). go parks! dr. foster said you are going to be a big boy :). i constantly get comments on what a chunk you are. it's kinda funny--most of the time i don't care (babies are supposed to be chubby, right?), but when the nursery worker at church said "look at those FAT thighs" it got to me. chubby, chunky, big, round, festively plump, etc--those words are semi-acceptable, but fat? my son is not fat, dangit! 90% for weight and 95% for height--perfectly proportioned!

i digress. parker you are awesome. the nursery worker almost made up for her comment by saying how wonderful you are and never cry. that makes me extremely happy--you are such a content baby. you are happy playing by yourself but love getting attention from others.

we have "stations" for you at home to help your development. you rotate between the jumperoo, exersaucer, playard (kick machine), bumbo, boppy (sitting up), tummy time, reading and playing with mom and dad. we try to play with you and give you as much tummy time as possible because mom read that that jumpers are the leading cause of developmental delay. now that you can sit up all by yourself we are working diligently on the crawl. dad says to give you two more weeks and you will be scurrying across the room.

you went on your first plane ride this month. you, grandma betty and mom had a great time in florida. here you are in front of the 17th green at the sawgrass players club.
i love your age right now so much. you babble, you squeal and you are so happy.
the sun was in your eyes at the beach, but here is a great shot of your chubby little thighs :)
we still can't figure out the color of your eyes. dad says they are blue-ish, brown-ish, green-ish.
even though pool season is over and it is getting cold, we have football to keep us entertained every weekend. go pack! (and jayhawks, razorbacks and do i dare say it...chiefs!)
until next month, love you little guy!!!

p.s. last weekend we went to jbu's homecoming and were blessed to meet melissa m, chat at the soccer game with melissa c and see many other old friends like the girls from the spankers flag football team pictured below. good times!


Erin said...

6 months! Wow.

I'm really very curious: why would jumpers inhibit development?

wendy said...

I love it. I love "chubby" babies--I just wanna squish and cuddle on them! Jonas just got legs rolls a month or so ago, and I was so excited!

Leslye Bourquin said...

blog stalking? (woops!) :)

oooh- and chubby baby-legs are the best!
(*my parents called me "thunder-thighs" when I was little)...I don't think it left any permanent emotional scars. :)

Katie said...

Six months is AMAZING!! I love reading about Parker!! And, chunky is amazing. Caleb is just now getting some chub and I love it. He and Parker weigh the same!!

As for the jumper thing, I think they are alluding to the people that stick their babies in jumpers for hours at a time! I heard the same thing about excersaucers, but I have yet to meet a baby who used either one and ended up developmentally delayed. I think parents are more at fault for developmental delay than toys!!

You guys are doing a great job!! Love the updates!!

Liz said...

Hey Silvy!! Mr. Parker is ADORABLE...I can't believe he is six months old already. It seems like I was just checking your blog to see if you'd had your baby or not. Looks like you guys are great parents. Good luck with the next six months!

dawnvon said...

he's so cute!

Erin said...

Maybe he has HAZEL eyes. Like me!