Wednesday, September 30, 2009

still kicking

(pictured above: parker and two of his best friends, asher and avery)

time for a new post, if for no other reason than i am sick of opening my site and seeing the title, "somber night."

it's been a crazy couple of weeks for us. some of you already know, but last week i got the stomach flu and then 3 days later ended up in the emergency room in overland park because of a kidney stone. i am 96% better now, but they did a catscan and i have 5-6 other stones in my kidneys that will probably pass in the next few years. glorious.

a waterbottle is now tied to my hand and i'm trying to drink at least 4 bottles a day, plus at least 8 ounces of skim milk. maybe this will help me lose those last 7 lbs of baby weight that.just.don't. go.away! the first 25 lbs were so easy, and then the next 7-8 came off after a few more months, but the last few, grrr. blame it on the milk-engorged breasts. or the fact that i gained 40 lbs while i was pregnant, but oh well. i'm at 137 and what is that magic formula? 100lbs + 5lbs for each inch over 5 ft. tall, so since i'm 5'7" i should be 100+(5*7)=135. 2lbs can definitely be blamed on the milk.

in other news, james and i got a new rug today!!! i have been looking for a new rug for a couple of months, and lowe's had this 8x11 rug on sale for $105! here is a quick pic from our upstairs nook (please ignore the fact that i did not stage the room at all as evidenced by the exersaucer among other things):

i was kind of impressed by lowe's selection of rugs--i would've never thought to shop there. love yall! hope everyone is having a great week.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

glad you are feeling better!love the rug!

Katie said...

Adorable rug!! I just asked to see a pic on Facebook ... and here it is! Love it.

Ugh, sorry about the kidney stones. Bah. Good for you for drinking a bunch of water, though!! You will survive!!

Emily said...

Love the RUG! I am glad that you change the title as well. I hated reading Somber every time I opened up your blog :)

dawnvon said...

i'm 5'3", have never had a child, and weigh the same as you.

kidney stones... ouch! i hope you feel 100% soon.

Melissa McMahan said...

yeah kidney stones are terrible. I have them too and got them again while i was pregnant with Lincoln - but funny thing is when i actually went into labor i shrugged it off and was convinced i was just having another kidney stone attack - it's a pain like no other. let me know if the water and milk helps! i've never tried the milk thing

Erin said...

Aw! Kidney stones... that sucks!!