Sunday, September 20, 2009

it's a party in the usa!

ahhh. home sweet home.

we got back from florida friday night at 11:30pm and went out to camp war eagle saturday (it was jbu's breakaway--nice to see old faces and friends). sat. night our neighboors had a bbq to watch the hogs (sad day). sunday we went to church, took some c.w.e. counselors out to lunch, went to community group and celebrated brittney's 30th birthday out on beaver lake.

so much for trying to take it easy and not plan any social events while james is in rookie school (and his midterm tomorrow). we are tired and need rest. hopefully we'll have some down time during the evenings this week. more pictures to come (and when i have time i will edit out that stupid black spot that appears in all of my pictures...grr...)
love yall!


Katie said...

Yay! How fun!! Parks is SO cute!! (And you look amazing!!)

Gow_spot said...

love that top pix of you and parker silvy!
your lil guy is growing up!

Melissa McMahan said...

beautiful pictures!!! i miss florida. :(