Thursday, September 10, 2009

it's fantasy time!

tonight kicks of fantasy football season--love it! minus the fact that i somehow always get lendale white on my team and he is good for nothing unless the titans get in the red zone. he is making me very nervous tonight. i am in 3 1/2 leagues this year and james is in 4 1/2 (the half is one of those silly "pick the winner of each game" leagues that his cousin sent us and i wouldn't mind it except you have to pick confidence points for each game, boo).

anyway, 8 minutes until james gets home so only time for pictures tonight. here are a couple shots from parker's 5 month photo op. don't mind my silly picnik edits. can you guess what this month's theme was? haha. james is eating it up.

love yall!!


Abbey said...

I love my nephew :)

Melissa McMahan said...

he adorable! do yall go to any of the BHS games? if so, maybe we can meet in person. i'll be the large pregnant woman next to the 6'5" coach :)

wendy said...

thanks, silvy!! i think he's pretty cute, myself :)

and parker is KILLING me in these photos. gawh i just wanna smoosh his cheeks.