Monday, September 7, 2009

duggars, weddings, FROGS!!

updates from the kehrli klan:

1. parker met baby jordan duggar this morning (see picture above). love at first site? hopefully not.

2. 3 day weekends are my favorite.

3. james got asked to be a groomsman in wedding # 9324789374. the wedding is on new years, though, so that should be kind of fun (and it is local, yay).

4. molly's wedding is coming up in 3 short weeks! i am looking forward seeing my beautiful friend get married in the gold dome in kc and eating an elegant dinner the sawyer room.

5. florida is only one week away! since james can't go now because of rookie school, my mom is going to join parks in me in our little adventure to jacksonville and the beach.

6. we are currently in discussion about parker's 1st halloween costume. i want to do a family theme because j and i are going to walk around the neighborhhood with parks (and eat his candy). currently atop the leaderboard is a cute football bunting from a local shop. we could dress up in our jersey's and throw around the "ball." haha j/k (kinda).

7. i am also making super early plans for parker's first birthday party. the theme is 90% likely to be FROGS!! since parker's birthday is in april, it will be too cold for a pool party, but everything will be starting to turn green, so frogs is the perfect theme. i imagine both james' and my family will come down to arkansas for the event, plus all of our local friends, and we'll have a big celebration. (james' birthday is friday and parker's is saturday, awesome. yes, i have already looked at the 2010 calendar). i have a cake decorater picked out to make a huge frog cake, and then i am going to try to make these cupcakes:love yall! hope everyone is having a relaxing labor day!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

awe, such a cute photo and have fun at the beach!

Erin said...

Dugger... as in crazy duggers?

So we're not going to make it out for Molly's wedding, although it looks like a lot of fun. When will I see you again girly??

Liz said...

Love the frogs! Can't believe Parker is 5 months already. He's looking handsome. :-)

Darren Pike said...

I vote for the holloween giant football, aka giant "turd"


cute pics

thats pretty cool you met a dugger

Molly K said...

I'm so excited to see you too!!! Can't wait to see how much Parker has grown =) I wish we lived closer so we could take part in all the Parker fun, but hopefully someday...