Wednesday, September 23, 2009

somber night

Before I post more pictures of Florida, I wanted to share a few things that are heavy on my heart right now...

Last week I received an email informing everyone who worked at Kanakuk's K-Kountry Kamp that Pete Newman, one of the Assistant Directors, got fired for sexual abusing young boys. This just makes me sick to think about. James asked me if I saw any warning signs while working with Pete. There really wasn't anything that he did that caused me to question his relationships with the kampers. The kids loved him. Pete's wife, Katie, and I did Bible Studies together and my heart breaks for her. How do you respond to something like this? The confusion of this seemingly out of the blue event makes me think how much people don't share with loved ones, friends and the world.

I'd like to think that James and I have the kind of relationship that we can share temptations and struggles with each other. When we were out to lunch the other day with 4 of James' guy friends, one asked me if I missed getting hit on now that I was married (a better question would've been did you miss getting hit on while you were pregnant because that's when the attention really stopped, although pregnant women are lucky enough to get other attention). I love answering questions like these and feel that it is important to talk about topics like this with your spouse. Even if we don't feel comfortable telling our spouse that we're attracted to certain qualities or whatnot in others, I'd hope everyone has a girlfriend they can share these thoughts and struggles with. When we are transparent with others, it's almost like we are subconsciously asking them to help keep us accountable for handling thoughts in the right way. Anyway, I'm completely off on a tangent now...

Another thing close to my heart right now is the twin brother of the baby whose funeral I attended two weeks ago. The baby boy got transferred to the Joplin NICU when he was born and weighs 1lb 12oz. He is four weeks old now, and we are praying so hard for his survival, but we know that even if he lives he is going to have serious brain damage and other difficulties. Life is tough sometimes.

In a little happier news, my next door neighbor got to bring her 5lb premie home last week from the Mercy NICU! He is absolutely precious. I can't wait for Parker and him to be friends. That's it for tonight. In good form, I will end with a couple of pictures.
Grandma Betty and Parker (peace!)

Love yall!


Q, La, and Gooner said...

I'm so sorry about what is happening with your friend Katie. My husband and I were shocked that this occurred that that kamp. I can't imagine what Katie is going through. Our prayers to you and their family.

dawnvon said...

wow. that's some pretty heavy stuff. i'm praying that the truth will come out and that everyone who has been affected will be blessed with peace.
i'm also praying for that little baby and his family. that has to be the scariest thing ever. It's my worst fear... not bringing my child home and watching him or her grow up. i pray that this little baby will have a long, healthy, happy life.