Thursday, September 3, 2009

5 months

dear parker,
today you are 5 months old! wow. daddy is at crabby's right now for their happy hour ($2.50 premium drafts, 1/2 priced wine and $4 appetizers every day from 4-6pm and after 9! it is definitely one of our fav. spots in nwa right now. along with metropark dental! just went there today and loved it! free whitening for life! i've been meaning to write a list of places i love in nwa, but these are two of the best) so i have precisely 22 minutes to write you a letter before dad comes home.

you are such a delight, parks. we are still basking in your glory months filled with smiles, squeals and immobility (well except in the pool). so sad pool season is almost over.
i went to my first infant funeral this week and bawled the whole time. the 1lb. 7 ounce baby only lived 5 days, and it made me so, so thankful for you and your health. parker, you are such a blessing. you are a precious gift miracle from God. at the funeral i finally realized how much i love you. for some people giving birth yields an overwhelming love, but those emotions didn't fully hit me until this week. parker, i love you with all of my heart. you are my sweet baby boy.
you are so active! you kick your legs all day long wherever you are, especially when i am about to swaddle you. speaking of the swaddle--it is definitely getting too small but you still sleep better with it so i have yet to wean you from it. i'm hoping one day you just stop needing it kind of like your pacifier that you ditched when you were 2 months old.
you put EVERYTHING in your mouth. your hands, your FEET! (ick!), your toys, your books, everything. at least 10 people have asked me if you are teething, but i refuse to say you are teething until you cut a tooth. we still haven't given you any solids either, but i think we are going to try rice cereal this weekend!
time to hit the hay. you are awesome. love ya little guy!!
p.s. you weigh 19lbs!
p. p.s. i think my boobs are still bigger than your head, ha!


Jasmine said...

OH Thank you SO much!
I am actually only 10 weeks- that line was a reference to my last pregnancy.
I worked hard on the article. I appreciate you acknowledging it.

Parker is growing so well... congrats on striking the balance between work and home. You are doing great!

Garrett A. Brown said...

The first pic is awesome! We are only 10 weeks though. Dont rush it! ;o)

wendy said...

love it!

jonas just started rice cereal yesterday...and LOVED it. i'm sure parker will, too!

Rebecca said...

Wow, 19 lbs! My niece Austen weighed 20 at her 6 month appt. Either it's the breastfeeding or he's going to be a tall boy, or both. Congrats! :)

Jenn Eastman said...

parker is such a cutie!! i wish i was there so i could babysit! i'm glad he's doing so well! miss you!