Saturday, February 6, 2010

10 months

dear parks,
this week you turned 10 months old! ahh! only 2 months away from one.year.old! momma's gotta get started planning your party! i know i am biased, but you are seriously the cutest, happiest baby ever! (even if you still have no teeth!) you make daddy and me smile all day. i love your facial expressions, especially when you give us your mischievous look as you're about to crawl up the stairs or something else off limits. you think you are sooo sneaky! but our living room is your playground. you pull up on everything and try to crawl through the tiniest spaces like the glider......
momma bought you some new gap baby clothes that were marked way down. this sweater was only $6.59 and you wear it almost every single day! (oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam...)
sometimes you get to take big boy baths with mommy and daddy, and you eat all of the bubbles!!
"look mom, no hands!" you are cruising along all of the furniture and your balance is getting steadier every day!
you are doing much better sleeping in! most days you get up between 7-8am and dad and i love it! you usually go to bed about 8pm and still take two naps during the day from 10-11:30 and 2-4:00.
it's been a cold, cold month and you've been cooped up. i can't wait for summer to be here and to go on walks, bike rides and to the pool!
love you oh so much,


Katie said...

TEN MONTHS? Already?? I can't believe it!! He is adorable, Silvy. Love Baby Gap sales and I LOVE the buffalo sweater!!

Anonymous said...