Monday, February 8, 2010

bachelor dud

to get through the dreadful winter (okay it's really not that bad in arkansas), i try to find excitement in the small things. one of these highlights of winter is watching the bachelor. we started the season strong with friends coming over every monday night. there were actually more boys than girls most weeks (and they were into it!), but one is taking the picture below and two, including my husband, were at work this night.anyway, i feel like this season has been a total let down.

1. reality steve ruined the ending. it's just not as exciting watching knowing who wins.

2. rogers church league basketball started, and the games are all on monday and thursday nights, so our weekly watch parties ended (but our team is 3-0! with one win against the defending champs, first baptist bentonville!)

3. i can't help but think about how much jake looks and acts like my ex-boyfriend. (ex-boyfriend, if you are reading [highly doubtful], i really don't hate you. i know i haven't talked to you in what--4 years? but i wish you the best in life and am glad you found a cute new girlfriend! [thanks facebook]) anyway jake is just kind of a goober. he seems possessive and bland--not sure why they picked him for the bachelor.the only thing that could make up for this sub par season is if tenley becomes the new bachelorette. and if the jayhawks beat texas tonight!!! rock chalk!!! :)

love yall. oh i almost forgot that some of our best friends, kaye and ryan, are about to have their baby boy!! i didn't have a camera this weekend but kaye posted some pictures of the shower on her site. please ignore my husband's inappropriate insinuations. can't wait for baby chiles!


DeMo said...

They picked Jake because of his hotness factor and he was america's sweetheart at the end of jillian's season. I think they should have gotten someone with at least some dating experience. I don't get how he can go from nothing to marriage in the few weeks that he's spent just a few hours with these girls.

As for reality steve spoiling the ending, if you don't want to know the ending then you have to stay far away from him. It's no secret that he knows people with spoilers.

mandgmom said...

I don't watch The Bachelor, but I really enjoyed your post. The bach DOES look like your ex! And your facebook comment made me laugh out loud. I found through fb that my ex lives next door to me!!!

Silvy said...

america's sweetheart? questionable. i thought he was a tool during jillian's season. reid and other bachelors were hotter, too.

there's no way to stay away from reality steve. everyone at my work talks about it and all of our party watching friends read his site. oh and one of my friends said jake and vienna were on the cover of a magazine the other day. so anticlimatic.

mandgmom--that is funny/awkward about your ex! :)

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I really don't like Vienna. I can't believe he chooses HER!

Lori said...

I agree with you on the Bachelor, he seems to try way to hard to be perfect. I know he got criticized for that last season, but I have really seen it since he became the Bachelor. He needs to relax, and not "try" to create the perfect moment. But maybe thats just him, as he says.

That is crazy how much your ex looks like Jake!