Sunday, August 22, 2010

water baby

parker loves LOVES the water.  he loves splash parks (are these a fairly new phenomenom or was i just clueless before having p?)
he loves dunking himself in the water (a little scary for mom and dad.  he thinks he can swim).
loves playing under the mushroom
loves going down waterslides
seriously he went head first down the slide 20+ times. good thing it was a cool evening and we were the only ones at our friends' pool!
he loves swimming in lake michigan (FREEZING lake michigan).  he would not stay out of the lake even though his lips were turning purple and his legs felt numb.
last but not least, here's a video of our fearless little swimmer with grandma betty. 

i would love to raise all boys because they are too much fun!!!  love yall.


Melissa said...

ha. that's our pool! who do yall know that lives here?? how funny! sounds like him and lincoln would get along SO good! lincoln was absolutely fearless until a few weeks ago when he got knocked under by a kid (was under for a few seconds flailing around) and ever since then, he's not as crazy (which is fine by me). and where's that splash park??? funny how our lives intersect :)

Kim said...

Parking is growing so quickly and he looks like such a fun baby!!!

David and jill said...

Wow, that is one brave kid!! And I agree, little boys are GREAT!