Sunday, August 1, 2010

the places you'll go

most of you know james and i are psuedo models (read not glamorous at all), but we enjoy seeing where the pictures pop up.  i wanted to share a few recent locations:

1. sarah (san fran trip) saw us on a commercial for 1-800 lawyers in north carolina with a caption that "over 50% of marriages end in divorce."  nice.

2. erin (san fran trip) sent this link: (i'm the 2nd from right on the top row in case you couldn't tell) hahaha

3. english teacher friend sent a link to this photo of teaching material where thousands of high school students might write narrative essays about our photo (let's hope they don't say we need help from 1-800 lawyers :)).
4. recently engaged high school friend found this pic on the website:
5. a local gift store, melody's choices, has a picture of my bridesmaids and me in their clear glass frames.

6. if you google, "couple kissing," this picture comes up on page 2 (it is an ESL lesson--love the caption).  don't ask me why one of my guy friends googled "couple kissing" at work.
7. college friend saw this frame at michael's and bought it for us:
8. last but not least, a facebook chat convo (i rarely chat with anyone) from tonight with one of my college friends about a pic he saw:

Aaron: hey
Me: yo
Aaron: so get this, kinda out of the blue, but it was crazy
Me: k
Aaron: so i'm at my grandma's house in NE Ohio
and she's that crazy excentric granma that cuts all the pukey cheesy little poemy article things out of the newspaper and posts them on her fridge
Me: lol
Aaron: and im getting something out of the fridge
and looking at the myrid of things on her fridge
and i see this clipping from a local newspaper
and it's one of you and james' wedding pics
with a little marriagy poem thing

Me: that is hilarious! did you do a double take?
Aaron: yeah i couldnt believe it
cuz it didnt have your names on it or anything
and this isnt even a large newspaper...some po-dunk local news paper for something called a "doyelstown" ohio. anyway, i got a kick out of it, thought i'd share...

i really need to make a scrapbook of these because it is getting a lil' crazy.  love yall!  happy monday!

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