Friday, July 30, 2010

wedding bells

i went to the gym this week for the first time in a long time.  when i said spelled my last name at the check in desk, "k-e-h-r," the sweet worker burst out, "are you parker's mom?" to which i smiled real wide and nodded.  the girl shared that parker was her favorite kid and another girl lit up and sincerely echoed, "i think parker is everyone's favorite" (see james going to the gym for 2 hours every morning).  i almost asked them to be my new best friends but just said thank you and walked into the dressing room.  it might have been the highlight of my week.

then at work today one of my friends told me that i was like a barracuda, which negated any warm fuzzy feelings from the gym. i replied that "i'm not sure how to take that and don't think it is a good thing."  she told me that it was meant as a compliment and that at least the sharks would not eat me.  hmmm...  the sad thing is that i think there is a lot of truth in the statement.  i'd like to think i take initiative, get the job done, am aggressive, etc., but i sometimes am a little too demanding and argue my points without enough sugar on top (or any sugar).  at the same time, i can be very encouraging when people do a great job and put forth extra effort, but i am working on being less of a barracuda.

anyway,  it seems like our life is weddings, baby showers and baby birthday parties these next few months, and i love it. here's our mini calendar of events:

last weekend: james' cousin's wedding in columbia & dylan's 1st birthday party in our neighborhood, check! (they had no alcohol at the wedding but a keg at the kid's 1st birthday, hm...)
this weekend: melissa's baby shower & lydia's wedding!  (work friend)

aug: jack's 1st birthday (monkey theme!) and hailey & austin's wedding (gym friends)

sept: jinger's wedding in denver!  family vacation!

october: heather's wedding in kansas city (best friend from high a bridesmaid so must lose weight) and kirena & jamison's wedding (jbu friends)

november: courtney's wedding (work friend)

(next june-sister's wedding!!!!  can't wait)

time to order some presents from etsy!  love yall and happy weddings!

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