Tuesday, July 20, 2010

15 month old food ideas??

parker is going to stay with his grandparents in wisconsin for a week on thursday (which we just randomly decided today).  i am frantically trying to put together a suggested meal plan for p.  not that i am some kind of controlling parent (well maybe just a little), but more that i want them to feel prepared and to have an idea of his likes and dislikes.  actually i think i am too laid back about most things and i don't really care what they feed him as long as it is healthy.  in brainstorming parks' favorite foods, i've realized i do not diversify his meals enough.  he is a little too old for jarred food, but he still enjoys gerber's 3rd foods (especially lasagna!):
he also really likes fruit cups.  even though fresh fruit is better and i try to buy it as much as i can in the summer, these are super convenient and usually come in "natural" or "no sugar added" forms:

other than that, he loves GRAPES, bananas (usually), applesauce, crackers, bread, pb&j, cereal, chicken nuggets, cheese, and avocado (which is growing on him.  i usually sneak this with a jarred dinner food and he eats a whole mashed avocado and jar of food in one sitting.  i just researched avocados and that is a ton of food for one toddler meal, so i might cut back to 1/2 avocado in one meal--i just hate watching it brown in the fridge).  love avocados!

it is late so i will leave you with a video of parker chowing down on a banana.  love him.  if yall have any ideas of good foods for 15 month olds, please share!!  thank you!


Anonymous said...

I have a son about the same age as Parker. We don't really feed him anything special. We just feed him whatever we're eating. I have 2 older children, though so our meals are usually fairly kid-friendly anyway. At 15 months, unless what you're eating is really spicy or a choking hazard, you don't have to prepare special meals for him at all. I think it has been good to have the kids eat with us. It gets them accustomed to trying new things, and makes me more mindful about cooking healthy foods for all of us.

Krista said...

Pancakes and waffles are a fave for Aidan and super easy for a toddler to eat. I make my own batter or get a mix from the health food store. I will often add bananas or blueberries to them as well. We also do a lot of yogurt around here. Aidan doesn't like pasta (we are working on it), but you can cut up noodles and put a little sauce with them. Aidan really liked grilled cheese around that age and it was soft enough to chew. Another thing is chicken quesadillas or burritos. I put small bites of chicken and cheese in a tortilla or some refried beans (or both) and that is a good meal. I used to cook up lentils and make a torilla with those, but Aidan refuses that these days. 2 year olds are a lot harder to feed than 1 year olds for some reason.

Daniel & Gretchen Miller said...

My son loved jarred foods until he was almost two! I know crazy, but he eat those along with adult food, I didn't fight it cuz I figured he's getting food and that's what mattered.

One of our favorites is ravioli. Gerber sells them individually and has turkey and carrot, or cheese and spiniach... a good way to get vegetables in there.

Diet DP Loving Mom said...

Silvy-Here's some stuff we feed Bella. She's almost 13 months.

Breakfast-FiberOne Pancakes, Eggs, Earth's Best breakfast bars, toast, whole grain waffles, earth's best french toast sticks, chex, cherrios.

Lunch/Dinner-Any Earth's Best products like, chicken nuggets, ravioli's, mac n cheese. We also will feed her what we eat, pasta and meat sauce, baked chicken, lasagne, etc. Annie's mac and cheese.

Snacks-We give her a lot of Annie's products like cheddar bunnies, bunny grahams (thanks to katie) She also eats a lot of fresh fruits, strawberries, apples, banana's, raspberries, mandarin oranges, peaches.
She's not a huge fan of veggies, but will always eat carrots, green beans, corn, and sweet potato.

I hope this will help.

Shannon said...

I have a 15 month old too! He will eat anything :P But here are the things he eats most often and seems to enjoy the most.

Breakfast: Fruity Cheerios, waffles with peanut butter, pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, yogurt, applesauce

Snacks: any steamed or soft veggie (he really like brocolli and avacados) whole wheat crackers, sliced fruit, fresh fruit smoothies (made with fruit yogurt and a little milk) cheese cubes

Lunch - usually leftovers :P lunchmeat, cheese, fruit

Dinner - And noodle dish (speghetti is a huge hit), grilled chicken, carrots, potatoes (mashed, cubed, really any soft form), any veggies, he recently tackled corn on the cob..loved it!

I pretty much give him whatever we are eating in a safe form for him. I also allow him to completely self feed. There are a lot of times if I try to feed him he will not take it, but if I give him the spoon he will. Granted he usually makes a HUGE mess, but it is teaching him to self feed and try new things!