Thursday, July 15, 2010

video: parker learning how to walk!

parker finally learned how to walk at 14 1/2 months!  even though my biggest milestone goal was for him to walk by 12 months, 14 1/2 months is perfect, too!  every baby develops on their own timeline, and i enjoy telling other moms that parker was a late walker and their late walkers will be just fine! 

parks was sooo funny when he learned how to walk.  one day he would not let go of the couch, the next he looked a drunk (see video below) and the next day he was an expert walker!

in other news i had a wonderful vacation with my girlfriends in san fran, but i am still trying to catch up with emails and am feeling a little overwhelmed.  here's to a great weekend of relaxation!!  love yall.


marcia truitt said...

He looks like a little drunken sailor. LOL. What a cutie!

P.S. Where did you get your rug? It is beautiful!

Jenny Clements said...

Oh my goodness, I started laughing when I saw this and it startled Ava! :) that is too funny!

Also, I think you said June 2011.... hehe whoops! You're a year ahead! :) Post more videos of Parker! He's too cute!

Liz said...

That is waaay too cute. Love it. Yay for Parker!!!