Tuesday, July 27, 2010

babysitter swap

below are a few pictures i snapped while hosting our neighborhood babysitter swap the other night (best idea ever!).  the night we hosted i just had 4 lil' munchkins. i put a bowl of grapes on the ottoman and they went to town!
playing with all the fun toys...
the boys climbed all 17 stairs in our staircase 3 times!  talk about some good exercise. 
i'd highly encourage all parents to find a group to "swap" with. we have 5 couples who rotate watching the kids every other saturday night so we are guaranteed 2 free date nights a month. and i really love hosting all of the kids and structuring activities for the toddlers.  yay for friends with babies! :)  love yall.

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Abbey said...

Is that my nephew rockin the new stylish jean diapers? Love it :)