Thursday, November 11, 2010

18 months

dear parks,
you are 18 months!  stats from your checkup:
*35 inches (98%!!)
*30 lbs (75%)
*head--don't remember, but about 50th%

we are loving seeing your personality are a mix of the cutest sweatheart and biggest troublemaker.  one minute you are sweetly cuddling and the next you are slapping my face.  dad and i can't figure out if you have an extremely high pain tolerance or are just that tough.  you don't cry when you fall, get hurt or even bleed.  the other day you were running with a basketball and tripped and bit your tongue and it didn't bother you for more than a second. 

you are determined, strong, fast, mischievous, and full of energy.  you hate holding hands and are not afraid to leave my side.  at our neighborhood halloween party while some toddlers clinged to their mom's side, you ran everywhere and i was so exhausted trying to chase you. 

you love to wrestle and give hugs, although you sometimes confuse the two.  last week we had dinner at our neighbor's and you put two of the other 1 year olds in headlocks while you were "hugging" them from behind.  you also love to steal other kids' food and sippy cups.

you love all things sports related and spend many hours playing tball, golf and basketball in our living room.  one day you teed up the football on the tball stand and were hitting it with your golf club, bless your heart.  you love love love throwing balls and will ask to play with them whenever you spot one.

you've started to fold your hands and say amen--warms mama's heart.  i love you and can't wait to watch you keep developing!!!



Krista said...

Parker sounds like he keeps you busy. Aidan was like that at that age too. He was constantly running around and super aggressive (still is). He also has a low pain tolerance too. He is always falling and hurting himself, but somehow not seeming to mind. Some boys are super tough. :) He is a cutie. Love the hair in the picture and can't believe how big he is. You are definitely getting your workout keeping after him I'm sure.

Erin said...

Wow! What a handsome little guy.

You've always had a high pain tolerance, so I'm not surprised that Parker is extra durable. I just can't believe how big he's getting. Maybe I'll come visit one weekend during spring break. I just can't stand not having met him!